Cape Town’s ‘Ghost Squad’ is b

Cape Town’s ‘Ghost Squad’ is becoming a nightmare for criminals

Three crimes in one day, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the Mothercity’s invisible police unit.

Cape Town’s ‘Ghost Squad’ is b

The City is having great success with its ‘Ghost Squad’ in apprehending criminals in a very short amount of time after they commit a crime. News24 reports that in one day they caught up to a Gugulethu hit-and-run culprit; three reckless drivers and a smash-and-grabber who thought he’d slip away quietly.

The City of Cape Town’s on a bit of a winning streak when it comes to crime-fighting lately, what with their weekend raids and ‘invisible policing’. The problem facing the City, unfortunately, is national government’s plans to integrate all police forces in the country under the SAPS; meaning that provincial security MEC’s will no longer have the oversight role they used to in local policing.

Patricia de Lille, however, has committed herself to fighting for Cape Town’s police to remain as independent as possible, as their initiatives seem to be paying off quite well.