Cape Town protests

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Cape Town protests: One person killed, four police officers injured

Community safety MEC Albert Fritz condemns the ongoing violent protest action, including blocked roads, taking place in Cape Town.

Cape Town protests

Image via: @BOSBEER2006 / Twitter

Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, has condemned the spate of violent protest action that began in Cape Town this week. According to him, it has resulted in the death of one civilian and the injury of four police officers.

Up until now, the Cape Town protests have affected both directions of the N2 highway, Mew Way, Baden Powell, R300 and Hindle Road and started in the early hours of Monday morning. Communities such as Khayelitsha, Langa, Philippi, Nyanga, Mfuleni and Kraaifontein have been affected.

Fritz, on Wednesday, said protests are being led by a group called Intlungu yaseMatyotyombeni who are protesting housing and basic service delivery.

“While everyone has the constitutional right to protest, resorting to violence and destruction is simply unacceptable. It is dangerous and illegal to do so at the expense of the rights of others, especially their right to safety, to property and to move freely,” he said.

In a statement, Fritz said that the Western Cape Public Order Policing (POP) unit will continue to monitor the protest action, including allegations of taxi drivers firing warning shots at protestors.


Fritz expressed concern after one person was hit by a car and killed during the violent protest action on Wednesday in Cape Town. He went on to say that four police officers were injured.

“I was deeply concerned to hear that a person had been killed amid the protest action yesterday and that four police officers were injured in Kraaifontein. I call for an immediate end to these violent protests which are not only dangerous, but further jeopardise service delivery to our most vulnerable communities. I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and wish a speedy recovery to those injured,” he said.

Fritz went on to say that destruction of property undermines economic opportunities.

“The destruction of personal and public property is criminal. This action further threatens to undermine the economic opportunities of many residents in our province, as well as further delay serve delivery to affected communities.”


Veve Ntandie narrowly escaped injury when her vehicle was set alight during the Cape Town protests on Wednesday 24 March. She said on the Kraaifontein News & Updates page, that she was lucky to be alive.

On her Facebook profile, she said “they burned my work car, it’s bad” and that she will never again ride a work vehicle during a strike.

Police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut saud that two people were arrested on Wednesday 24 March.

“Two males aged 20 and 24 were arrested for public violence in Kraaifontein.” Anyone with information on crimes committed during these protests are asked to report it to police via Crime Stop on 08600-10111.

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