Level 4 Bus Train taxi

Cape Town MyCiti Bus. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Cape Town gives N2 Express an ultimatum to resume bus service

If the deadline is not met, an alternative agreement is in place.

Level 4 Bus Train taxi

Cape Town MyCiti Bus. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The City of Cape Town has issued a notice period for the N2 Express Company shareholders, that it has until 28 September to reinstate the bus service that has left many commuters stranded.

Commuters are still left hanging high and dry

Earlier this month in a Council speech by the City of Cape Town’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, he announced that the N2 MyCiTi bus contract for Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain routes were being reviewed; to find a positive way forward, with the assistance from the provincial and national government.

The bus services have been terminated since 31 May 2019, leaving more than 6,000 commuters high and dry. According to the City, a mutual agreement is yet to be met as the Congress of Democratic Taxi Association (Codeta) has missed scheduled meetings for the resolution of this matter.

N2 Express: The City has appointed a deadline for shareholders to come into agreement

Following the suspension of the N2 Express bus service, commuters from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain have had to find an alternative transport system, for commuting to the central business district. Whereas, the N2 Express program was established to dissolve issues facing commuters, amidst unreliable railway services, in a turn of events the cure has now become the cause.

The commuters have not taken this lying down, as they have sent many appeals to officials from the City’s Transport Directorate and MyCiti staff, requesting an effective resolution to the problem.

The City has further pledged to reinstate the N2 Express service as a matter of urgency, and a notice has been sent to the shareholders that the buses need to be back on the road by the 28 September 2019.

N2 Express: If shareholders fail to meet the deadline an agreement is set in place as a safety net

The three shareholders are Codeta, Route 6 Taxi Association and the Golden Arrow Bus Service, each has been requested to submit an internal agreement to ensure the City reinstates the service.

If the shareholders fail to meet the minimum requirement, the City of Cape Town has proposed alternative plans which include: 

  • An acquirement process that will secure transport services of an appointed vehicle operating company, to run operations of the N2 Express Service.
  • The trusted service provider, which will operate through the appropriate supply chain management processes, as well as ensure the operation of the bus service, on a temporary time-frame until a new vehicle operating company has been appointed.

“The City remains committed to concluding a new agreement with the N2 Express Company. However, we must and will pursue alternative options for the reinstatement of the N2 Express service, should the N2 Express Company fail to meet the set deadline.”

City of Cape Town