David mabuza cabinet reshuffle

Deputy President David Mabuza / Image by GCIS

Cabinet reshuffle: Could David Mabuza be AXED as Deputy President?

Bring on the Cabinet reshuffle: Some experts now believe that the potential dismissal of David Mabuza could be more than just idle gossip.

David mabuza cabinet reshuffle

Deputy President David Mabuza / Image by GCIS

With a Cabinet reshuffle looming over South Africa, a few heads are certain to roll at some point in the near future. President Ramaphosa may be dragging his heels, but a day of reckoning for his ministers is on its way – and Deputy President David Mabuza could be named as a surprise dismissal.

Cabinet reshuffle reloading: Will David Mabuza be dismissed?

Mabuza, who helped Ramphosa secure the ANC leadership back in 2017, has been out of action for most of the pandemic due to his various health ailments. Clandestine trips to Russia have kept him away from South Africa for months at a time. His leadership in a time of crisis has come under question – as have his mystery medical conditions.

Zweli Mkhize, Bheki Cele, and Ayanda Dlodlo are also said to be under ‘significant pressure’, following scandals linked to the dodgy Digital Vibes contract and the deadly July riots respectively. On social media, chat is intensifying about Mabuza’s future – but has ‘the cat’ now used up his final life? Some skeptics believe this won’t be the case.

‘It is not a far-fetched idea’ – Deputy President may be considered for the axe

But Ralph Mathekga, a leading political analyst in South Africa, has assessed the chances of DD’s dismissal – and he certainly is not ruling it out. A host of missed Parliamentary sessions, and a failure to lead taskforces on vaccines AND Eskom, have allegedly made Mabuza a possible candidate for the chop – if Cyril has the stones, that is…

“Well, I don’t think it is a far-fetched idea, given that the deputy president has been taking health-related leave and he has done it quite a few times to the point where there’s always questions as to whether he is able to perform his job.”

“Quite often, before he appears in Parliament, it’s said that his presence is long overdue. David Mabuza could well leave in a Cabinet reshuffle to look after his health. We don’t know much about his condition, but he has kept away from work.”

Ralph Mathekga on Jacaranda FM