rocket-propelled grenades

Images of the seized RPGs / Times Live

You can now buy rocket-propelled grenades on the streets of Mpumalanga

If the RPGs came from Mozambique then how did they make it past our border’s customs?…

rocket-propelled grenades

Images of the seized RPGs / Times Live

The police in Mpumalanga have apprehended three men who were caught trying to sell rocket-propelled grenades in Nelspruit’s CBD.

On Wednesday, the Hawks confirmed that the trio was caught the day before actively trying to trade cash for the grenades.

This type of grenade is usually referred to as the RPG. It is not sold commercially in South Africa, as it is regarded as a weapon of war.

These are highly explosive anti-tank warheads that are used often by soldiers in battle. It is the perfect weapon to cause mass destruction in the targeted area.

How the rocket-propelled grenades made it to Nelspruit CBD

So, how did two RPGs (as far as it is known) make it in the central district of Nelspruit? The authorities did not seem to have an answer to that question.

Dineo Lucy Sekgotodi, who is the Hawks’ spokesperson, confirmed that the task force reacted to a tipoff about a group of men who were in possession of these dangerous weapons that have the capability to cause mass destruction.

She added that

“the trio were found peddling rockets for R300,000 each. These are weapons of war and we believe that they are from Mozambique.”

It was later discovered that two of the men were foreigners, while the third was a South African citizen.

The fact that these deadly weapons were able to make it past the border – judging by the supposition made by the Hawks – poses serious questions about how safe we are in South Africa.

In the wrong hands, this weapon could pose a serious security risk for society and the fact that these two were found could imply that there are others that have not been discovered yet.

The three men have since been placed in the custody of the police and are due to appear at the Nelspruit Magistrate’s Court later on Wednesday.