ANC corruption

Business watchdog says ANC in for a shock after August 3 elections

With less than a month to go until the Local Government Elections, things aren’t looking positive for the ruling party.

ANC corruption

AfriBusiness, a local business and consumer monitoring organisation, has said that we might see an exodus of supporters from the ANC to other political parties.

AfriBusiness’ Armand Greyling says the ruling party stands to lose a big chunk of support, thanks in part to the ANC’s poor economic policies that have led to economic strife and job losses.

 “Other reasons include the controversy surrounding President Zuma over the R7.8 million that he has to pay for upgrades to his Nkandla homestead, as well as the recent judgment that saw the revival of 783 corruption charges reinstated against him. The ANC is showing its cracks and, as these cracks expand, voters start to notice and will voice their discontent at the polls,” Greyling said.

While the ruling party stands to lose some of its major metros to opposition parties – specifically the DA in areas like Tshwane, Johannesburg, and Nelson Mandela Bay –, Greyling said that the party won’t easily be defeated overall; labelling the shift in political power nationally as something of a “Brexit-effect.”

“In others we will only see the ANC retain control, but with a much weaker grip.” he added.