Tokyo Sexwale Heritage Fund Reserve Bank

Photo via: Flickr / GCIS

Reserve Bank ‘shareholder’ backs Sexwale – says Heritage Fund DOES exist

Tokyo Sexwale now has some significant support on the Heritage Fund issue, after Fanie Fondse – understood to be a Reserve Bank shareholder – took his side.

Tokyo Sexwale Heritage Fund Reserve Bank

Photo via: Flickr / GCIS

Tokyo Sexwale has dazzled the media and an engrossed public on Thursday, with tales of grand embezzlements right at the very top of government and the Reserve Bank. The former minister has accused President Ramaphosa and his comrades of withdrawing money from the so-called ‘Heritage Fund’ – but his version of events has been disputed.

Reserve Bank shareholder backs-up Heritage Fund claims

SARB says Sexwale has fallen victim to a scam. But the billionaire businessman isn’t giving up this fight just yet. He believes that the mythical pot – which was allegedly created to fund public projects – has been raided by senior government figures. We covered, somewhat extensively, the claims made by the 68-year-old earlier today.

Initially ridiculed by the Reserve Bank, it seems that Tokyo Sexwale now has a very important fighter in his corner. A shareholder for SARB, named Fanie Fondse (yes, his last name does mean ‘funds’), has claimed that the notorious Heritage Fund does indeed exist – and he was more than happy to lift the lid on Thursday.

Is Tokyo Sexwale telling the truth?

Fondse told the media outside of the press briefing that his attempts to raise concerns about the Heritage Fund were shot down by the Reserve Bank Governor, and he was allegedly ‘strong-armed into silence’. Last week, the shareholder opened a criminal case regarding the matter – and hinted that ‘trillions of rand’ were present in the account.

“The Governor of the Reserve Bank threatened to throw me out of a meeting by raising this issue previously. What I can confirm is that the money exists in the Heritage Fund, a criminal case is open, and I’ve named the suspect in my submission… this is something very significant. We are talking about an account with more than 15 zeroes in it.”

Of course, claims made by Fanie Fondse and Tokyo Sexwale are yet to be verified. But with the former now lodging a criminal complaint against those involved, we may end up getting some answers from this bizarre situation.