Three features to look for whe


Three features to look for when choosing fleet management software

Vehicles have become an everyday tool in business.

Three features to look for whe


Initially, fleet management may not have gone to the extent of how it is being used today. Technology has entirely changed the way. Now, much of the burden has been taken off the shoulders of fleet managers and replaced by a tool known as ‘fleet management software’.

However, the purpose of all fleet management software is to simplify and organize the function of fleets, resulting in more efficiency. Each tool differs one from the other, owing to a multitude of features and functions.

Here are some key features that you must look into when selecting fleet management software.

Scheduling and maintenance tracking

It is one of the core features of a fleet management solution. After all, how can you be so sure that all vehicles are 100% functional and well-maintained? With the right tool, you can set up a fleet of vehicles for regular maintenance and be notified when they require any service.

When each wheel in a fleet is kept in the best shape possible, there is less chance of the vehicle needing additional servicing. And, according to this software, these features allow fleet managers to notify scheduled alerts automatically to drivers and supervisors when any vehicle needs checking.

The software allows you to take charge of recurring services such as tyre services, oil changes, and mileage maintenance. This means less money that gets drained on expensive repairs, which could have been avoided with the vehicles’ daily maintenance checks.

Driver tracking

Fleet management software must also provide ways to track driver records including driver certification, licensing, and traffic infractions.

This way you can monitor fleet safety and avoid vehicles’ wear and tear or potential accidents by keeping an eye on each trip. In fact, this feature allows you to monitor your driver’s driving behaviour. For instance, you can keep track of speeding and phone usage no matter which vehicle they ride.

Moreover, there are features which will also help you identify which drivers need to improve and which deserve a reward for safe driving.

Reports and search

Aside from vehicle tracking, software should also offer plentiful data for comprehensive planning.

Data and records are important. You need to know which operation is taking more time and where productivity needs to be improved. The right tool must allow fleet owners to get the reports precisely when needed.

Fleet managers should be able to utilize past data to view and compare trips, monitor fleet activity, and generate mileage summaries. Put simply, the platform should utilise previous information to predict how it will benefit the business long-term or in the future.

When it comes to fleet management software, opt for a product that your business demands, and which comes at a great price point.