The search is on for SA’s onli


The search is on for SA’s online retailer of the year

World Wide Worx has announced that it is launching a new awards programme – Online Retailer of the Year.

The search is on for SA’s onli


The awards programme is designed to honour online stores in South Africa that work hard to build the trust of their digital shoppers.

SA’s online retail statistics

The awards are also created in partnership with Visa, Platinum Seed, the E-commerce Forum of Africa and Heavy Chef to boost online shopping in South Africa.

“Online retail in South Africa has consistently grown above 20% since the turn of the century but only passed 1% of overall retail in 2016.

Research shows that trust is a big factor in e-commerce growth, which is why we want to recognise online retailers who help to grow the entire sector by ensuring the kind of e-commerce standards that engender trust with online shoppers,” Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx says.

“But once online retail passes two per cent it crosses an essential psychological barrier and this often leads to a tipping point in emerging economies. That’s when we see online retail snowballing. It gathers real momentum and everyone in the sector benefits.”

Are you eligible for entry?

In order to be eligible for entry to the Online Retailer of the Year, owners of digital stores are urged to participate in a survey of local online shopping, which is being run by Goldstuck’s World Wide Worx, Visa and Platinum Seed.

The award ceremony

The winners will be announced at a Heavy Chef event in Cape Town on Thursday, 1 November.

At the event, Arthur Goldstuck and Brad Elliott, CEO of Platinum Seed will expose and discuss the state of local retail.

Tickets to the event are available from Heavy Chef.

The awards

  1. Online Retailer of The Year
  2. 1st runner-up – Online Retailer of the Year
  3. 2nd runner-up – Online Retailer of the Year
  4. Best New SA Online Retailer of the Year

The winners of the Online Retailer of the Year awards will be given a digital badge that the online store can display online. The winners will have bragging rights for a year — until the next award is made in 2019.

The criteria

The winners will be judged on their trust, innovation, customer service, digital excellence, customer engagement, product excellence and the online reputation that they have.

Overseen by Visa, heavy Chef and Platinum Seed, the judging and results will be audited by The E-commerce Forum of Africa.