petrol price

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Petrol prices: How does South Africa compare to the rest of the world?

*Stares at Venezuela*

petrol price

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As South Africans learned that they’ll be paying upwards of R15 per litre in June, motorists were left irate with the record-high petrol prices.

Factors both internal and external to the country have resulted in fuel increases heading our way next month. But how bad do we really have it?

Petrol prices for June 2018

We looked at petrol prices from across the world, and Mzansi is pretty much in the middle of the road. Although, this will be little consolation to those of us who are having to fork out more to keep our cars running.

Petrol costs currently average R15.50 per litre in South Africa. Still, it could be worse. We could live in Iceland…

Petrol prices: Top 10 most expensive countries

(Based on rand per litre)

1. Iceland – R27.00

2. Hong Kong – R26.67

3. Norway – R25.72

4. The Netherlands – R24.83

5. Greece – R24.31

6. Monaco – R24.15

7. Italy R24.14

8. Israel – R24.03

9. Denmark – R24.02

10. Portugal – R23.50

The Nordics seem to have a raw deal when it comes to their petrol prices. Both Denmark and Norway feature in the top 10, and Sweden (R22.85) sit in 13th. But these all pale in comparison to Iceland.

At R27.00 per litre, their prices are the highest in the world. France (R22.96), Finland (R22.98) and Belgium (R21.99) can also be found lurking in the top 20.

Petrol prices: Top 10 cheapest countries

1. Venezuela – R0.11

2. Iran – R3.57

3. Sudan- R4.29

4. Kuwait- R4.37

5. Algeria- R4.53

6. Egypt – R4.64

7. Ecuador – R4.92

8. Nigeria – R5.27

9. Turkmenistan – R5.39

10. Syria – R5.50

Why is Petrol so cheap in Venezuela?

Your eyes don’t deceive you. You really can get petrol for around 10 cents a litre in Venezuela. You could fill up your tank on R5, which is just mindblowing.

Because the South American country sits on top of one of the world’s largest oil reserves, gasoline has been made effectively free as a “Venezuelan birthright“. Despite the country’s economic woes, the price remains dirt cheap.

How much is a litre of petrol in…

  • Australia – R14.72
  • Brazil – R15.49
  • Canada – R15.19
  • China – R14.85
  • India – R15.20
  • New Zealand – R20.66
  • Russia – R9.23
  • UK – R21.66
  • USA – R10.75
  • Zimbabwe – R17.86

All information was taken from Global Petrol Prices.