Need Cross Border drivers? Let MASA’s expert team search for you: Image: Supplied

Need Cross Border drivers? Let MASA’s expert team search for you

MASA has over 40 years of experience across the recruitment industry. Trust it to find the best candidates for cross-border driver positions


Need Cross Border drivers? Let MASA’s expert team search for you: Image: Supplied


The need to carry a wide variety of goods to and from South Africa has created a significant need for qualified cross-border drivers in the country and beyond.

Even though these businesses need personnel who are capable of providing the highest quality service possible, it can be difficult to locate trustworthy and skilled drivers to fill open positions.

Drivers with Code 10 and EC licences are in high demand, and MASA expert recruitment staff can help you source experienced and qualified candidates for driver positions.

Hiring a driver with such qualifications can be challenging without the help of a qualified driver recruitment agency. 

The screening process for drivers can be a time-consuming screening process for already busy employers. Ensuring that all prospective employees have proof of the aforementioned licensing documentation and that each applicant’s qualifications have been earned through accredited training providers is a rigorous, full time commitment – especially when screening multiple drivers for large logistics companies. 

This is particularly relevant for businesses worried about the safety of their staff and the items they move to and from South Africa.

As a result, an increasing number of businesses are realising that working with a driver recruiting agency like MASA is the best way to find cross-border drivers for hire

Below, we explore the specific challenges faced by Code 10, 11, and 14 drivers, and how MASA’s innovative staffing solutions can help to make the driver recruitment process easier for logistics companies:

MASA has long-standing industry expertise

MASA has over 40 years of experience across the recruitment industry, both locally and internationally, and is therefore well-positioned to find the best candidates for cross-border driver positions. 

Even though  an employing company’s internal HR employees are doing their best, costly mistakes are easily made due to inexperience and lack of proper education in the driver recruitment field and unawareness of legal requirements in the driver recruitment process 

When relying on a service like MASA to find cross-border drivers for hire, you can rest assured that the recruiters you work with will be qualified and experienced professionals.

MASA delivers ROI on your hire

It is a common misconception that, in today’s economically challenging climate, businesses cannot afford to pay a driver recruiting agency to help them find qualified drivers to hire.

The cost of bringing on board an unqualified worker, however- can be far higher. Studies have shown that poorly hired staff can potentially lead to losses of up to a year’s worth of income when it comes to productivity and morale.Trustmorale. Trust MASA – South Africa’s premier team of specialist recruiters, to locate the qualified cross-border driver you require.

Although many people assume that hiring a qualified driver in today’s economy is financially out of reach, driver recruitment firms like MASA has extensive experience in helping businesses of all sizes find drivers at reasonable prices..prices.

It might be very expensive to hire the wrong driver. The cost of a bad hire, according to studies, averages a year’s income.

An amateur recruitment project can affect your company’s bottom line negatively through the time and resources spent on advertising the vacancy, analysing applications, producing a shortlist, and conducting interviews.

This unnecessary cost can be avoided by using a recruiting agency like MASA to find qualified drivers for hire.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a skilled and qualified cross-border driver is extremely important for companies who carry their valuable supplies and products to and from South Africa. MASA is a prevalent and trusted recruitment agency that has more than 40 years of experience in hiring and placing the best driver candidates. 

Contact MASA’s Driver Division Contact MASA’s Driver Division today to discover how their team can help your company find the best cross-border drivers.

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