Crypto AI project

How to invest in Crypto AI project. Image: Supplied

The Most Disruptive Crypto AI project is about to launch in 2022 + How to Invest

(Partner Content) Are you planning to invest in Crypto AI projects in 2022. Here are 10 FAQ’s and answers every pre-investor must know.

Crypto AI project

How to invest in Crypto AI project. Image: Supplied

1. What is the project about? 

Synesis One is the world’s first DAO for Play-to-Earn Data Yield Farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI. It is a new type of play-to-earn model, gamifying the collection of data transparently.   It is the ecosystem of data contributors, data traders, and data consumers on the Solana blockchain. Synesis (SNS) is a governance token that powers the play-to-earn model using MMO gamification to train AI data.

Crypto AI project. Video Supplied

2. Why should the community be excited?

Imagine holding a gorgeous #NFT integrated with your favourite word and #generativeart in your wallet. Now imagine that same NFT earning yield (passive income) through the #SNSONE ecosystem. Anyone can join SNSONE and earn rewards!

3. Developmental achievements till date (e.g. working product)

Our data yield farming app as an MVP version now runs on the Solana testnet. The same app is also fully integrated into Mind AI, which has been fully commercialized and is currently powering the online ordering and customer service chatbot system for one of the largest grocery store chains in South East Asia.

Our first NFT game, a collection of 50 puzzle games played in digital graphic novel format, is in full production. 

Our NFT marketplace,, buiLt on Metaplex by Solana Studio is in development.

4. Upcoming Roadmap? (remainder of 2021)

(Subject to Change)

• December 2021 – Completion of 10,000 NFT art

• January 2022 – Genesis event for Kanon Aquarius NFT Collection #1

• February 2022 – TGE for SNS Token

• March 2022 – Data Yield Farming Closed Beta Service

• April 2022 – Release of 1st NFT Game.

5. Notable investors and partners

Cultur3 Capital, MetaCartel VC, Kenetic Capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital, YGG, Tradecraft Capital, A195, GBIC, Alphanonce, NGC, Magnus Capital, Master Ventures, Ethernity, AU21 Capital, D1 Ventures, Linkpad VC, Efficient Frontier, Kryptos Fund, Kairon Labs, Cipholio Ventures, Valhalla Capital, 0xVentures, and Baselayer Capital. 

6. Total funds Raised

$9.5 Million

7. Fully diluted valuation at TGE


8. Market Cap at TGE


9. Three Biggest Competitors and their Market Cap

Competitor: None.  We are the first mover.

Comparables in crypto space:

Human Protocol (AI) – $1.1B

Splinterland (NFT Game) – $1.3B

Star Atlas (NFT Game) – $6.8B

10. IDO launchpad platforms? 

Star Launch – more details here

11. DEX or CEX listing? 

(Subject to change)

Q1 2022

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