Sikhona Money Transfers

How Sikhona Money transfers is making it safer to do online money transfers. Image: Supplied

How Sikhona Money Transfers is making it safer to do online money transfers

(Partner Content) Sikhona Money Transfers is a proudly South African payment gateway that allows its users to safely send and receive funds.

Sikhona Money Transfers

How Sikhona Money transfers is making it safer to do online money transfers. Image: Supplied

Registered with the South African Reserve Bank in South Africa, Sikhona Money Transfers is an authorised dealer with limited authority that has been in operation since 2010.

Sikhona Money Transfers’ strategic partnership with RIA Money Transfer South Africa offers users the perfect opportunity to ensure that they have access to global transfers.

Sikhona Money Transfers and Ria Money Transfers

Ria Money Transfers is one of the largest, fastest, and most reliable gateways that offer fund transfers between 447,000 different global locations spread across 160 countries in the world.

Ria has been in operation since 2018 and it is one of the safest ways for users to send borderless funds. The services that Sikhona and Ria offer users include the sending and receiving of funds that can be done through bank deposits, mobile wallet top-ups, and cash pick-ups from affiliated shops and partners.

Sikhona Money Transfers operates in 162 countries worldwide and experiences over 2,000 daily transactions between users across all borders. Sikhona has 560 agents who tend to the queries of different users and the application has a 100% success rate.

How do money transfers work with Sikhona Money Transfers?

Sikhona Money Transfers is well-known for its fast, secure, affordable, and global transactions where users can send and receive money quickly and easily. The process involved with transacting through Sikhona Money Transfers and Ria Transfers South Africa is easy and users can simply follow these steps:

  • Download the official Sikhona Money Transfers mobile application from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices
  • Register on the application and upload a valid identity document and a selfie
  • Add a new beneficiary on their application
  • Get a quote and pay for the transaction

To send money, users can:

  • Create a transaction by selecting the “Send Money” option on the application.
  • Complete the details of the recipient.
  • Select the country to where the funds will be sent.
  • Select the pay-out method from the list of options that the beneficiary will use to withdraw their funds.
  • Select the affiliated pay-out partner that the beneficiary will use when they withdraw their funds. Users should note that for every country and region, there is a unique list of pay-out partner options.
  • Finally, the user can select whether they want a quote for the transaction or whether they wish for transaction fees to be included or whether it should be deducted from the amount that the beneficiary receives.

To receive money, users can follow these easy steps:

  • A beneficiary will receive an SMS or an email that contains an embedded link that they can follow to access the onboarding process.
  • The beneficiary can enter their information, upload clear selfies of their ID document and of them holding the ID document. After this is completed, the beneficiary can confirm their details to proceed.
  • If the sender selected cash pick-up, the beneficiary would receive an SMS from Standard Bank that contains their unique voucher number and a unique pin that they can use at a Standard Bank ATM to redeem their funds.
  • If the sender selected Bank Account Credit as pay-out, the beneficiary would receive their funds in their bank account.