Here’s how you could save money on car insurance

Here’s how you could save money on car insurance. Image: Supplied

Here’s how you could save money on car insurance

While we’re all looking for smarter ways to manage our money, the truth is that a saving could be waiting for you, right now.

Here’s how you could save money on car insurance

Here’s how you could save money on car insurance. Image: Supplied

At OUTsurance, they’ve made it their mission to save their client’s as much money on car insurance as possible. Their savings team is trained to ask all the right questions about your car and driving habits, to make sure you pay only what you should and not one cent extra. Here’s how they do it…


OUTsurance pride themselves in giving you the right premium for your risk profile. With them, lower risk clients do not subsidise higher risk clients. So, if you’re a low-risk client, you could pay significantly less to insure your car.

What’s great is, they cover all the bases…. So, if they’ve done all they can to lower your car premium, and they still are not cheaper than what you’re currently paying somewhere else, you can ask them for R500 cash for giving them a try. Better yet, you can ask them to triple it to R1500 if you’ve been claim-free and with the same insurer for three years. It’s simple, transparent insurance you can trust.

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To save you even more, OUTsurance takes a variety of factors into account when calculating your premium. If you decide to work from home instead of commuting to work and back, chances are that you’ll pay less for your insurance. The same goes if you only use your car on weekends or don’t use it for long distance travelling. So if you hardly drive, you don’t have to pay more than you should for car insurance.


If you’re a safe driver, you could save even more. OUTsurance has an innovative car insurance feature called SmartDrive, which rewards their clients for good driving habits by providing up to 10% discount on monthly premiums. They gather information via your OUTsurance app about your driving style, distance travelled, the time of day during which you typically drive, how often you use your phone while driving, and whether you generally obey the speed limits. These factors are used to provide you with a score of how well you’re driving, in order to determine how much discount you qualify for, for that month. So when they say, ‘you always get something out’, they really mean it.


If you have an older vehicle that’s worth less than R125 000, not financed and older than five years – you could save even more with their Essential Car Insurance cover option. It’s car insurance that’s designed and priced for slightly older cars; so you pay yesterday’s premium if you own yesterday’s car.

You can add an accidental cover, theft cover and up to R1 million third-party liability cover, to create a custom-fit insurance package. And should you need to claim, all your valid claims are paid out in cash, so you can be in charge of your vehicle’s repairs. It’s essentially, car insurance without the bells and whistles.


You pay more for everything else, isn’t it time you paid less for car insurance? Fill in the form below to start a car insurance quote, and see if OUTsurance can save you money each and every month on your premium.

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