Find out why SA investors love


Find out why SA investors love this international investment

Global investment into student housing is estimated to have reached $16.4 billion (R231 billion) in 2016, a new annual record according to Savills.

Find out why SA investors love


Proven during times of economic volatility, UK student property continues to be one of the most popular overseas investments for South African buyers – here’s what makes it stand out.

Home to some of the world’s most recognisable universities, the UK is one of the most popular places to study for students from around the world.

Student property

Consequently, the UK is also one of the world’s biggest student property markets – and one of the most popular investments for South African investors looking to move their wealth overseas.

Crucially, student property is famed for its resilience. Following the 2008 global downturn, UK student property was one of the world’s best performing assets, as more people sought a higher education for when the job market picked up again.

But while demand is relentlessly high, supply of student property in the UK remains significantly low.

Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) is the fastest growing and most in-demand accommodation choice among UK students today.

Modern living spaces, state-of-the-art facilities and the central locations students are demanding. PBSA provides the amenities and experience students will pay premiums to access.

However, at this moment, the provision of PBSA in the UK can only meet 24% of total demand.

With this imbalance driving investment returns, it’s an opportunity which has already prompted South African buyers to take advantage.

Vita Student is the UK’s leading PBSA provider, with over 7,500 properties delivered, and in the pipeline, nationwide. Since 2006, it has delivered industry-leading investments to 150 South African investors.

As it launches its 20th project to date, Vita Student’s team of expert consultants are returning to South Africa to meet with more investors looking to diversify their wealth with high-performing UK property.

Take your place in Vita Student Cardiff with just a 30% deposit and enjoy a fully managed UK property investment with assured yields.

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