Starting a business with your spouse

Starting a business with your spouse Image: AdobeStock

Play Your Part Small Business Academy offers business courses

Brand SA’s initiative The Play Your Part Small Business Academy offers crucial business courses for businesses in a resilient South Africa.

Starting a business with your spouse

Starting a business with your spouse Image: AdobeStock

While South Africa is confronted by a myriad of issues like the high levels of unemployment, crime and poverty, Mzansi has once again proven to be a resilient country full of hope that continues to rise above those difficult circumstances time and time again. 

Play Your Part (PYP) Small Business Edition academy

An ally to this resilience is Brand South Africa’s initiative, the Play Your Part (PYP) Small Business Edition academy, launched in January  2022 and offers local existing and aspiring entrepreneurs the crucial knowledge to help start a business or boost their current businesses. 

This free online academy is in partnership with The Startup Tribe and together, these two entities have designed an online learning platform that provides free practical courses that are mobile device compatible and use minimal data to assist existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

No stranger to social consciences, The Play Your Part initiative has for many years committed its efforts to championing active citizenship in Mzansi, making this academy a necessary extension to this pursuit of rebuilding Mzansi and taking the country’s honour back to its people. 

According to serial entrepreneur York Zucchi, who is also a Play Your Part Ambassador for several years now and is the co-founder of the academy, the Small Business Academy was inspired by the resilience portrayed by South Africans who, with little to no access to necessary and basic resources, continue to dream big and to strive for more than what reality outlines. 

The academy is another way of aiding these efforts to produce abounding results.

No online academy is going to answer all your problems, let’s be realistic. But the idea with this academy is to help you figure out how to start – designed for phones. What will you do tomorrow on a practical level. 

York Zucchi

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Business courses used by 450 000 entrepreneurs in Africa

These courses are used by over 450 000 entrepreneurs in Africa, Zucchi points out, and are provided by The Startup Tribe which has shaped its core existence around assisting entrepreneurs.

To date, the Small Business Academy has registered over 50 businesses in South Africa, among whom are entrepreneurs Daniel Adidwa the founder of Tour2.0, Anjelah Mwende of Doni Enterprise and Haneefa Motani the owner of StyLishi, who each echo the sentiments of how the academy has become a necessary lifeline that their businesses needed in these dire times.

To have a support system as an entrepreneur is vital. Like parenthood, entrepreneurship also takes a village and the Entrepreneurship challenge really made me remember why and who I started this journey for.


Although I am an established entrepreneur, the courses were good for me to brush up on my knowledge. The information is practical and relatable for entrepreneurs.


The Small Business Academy is calling on all small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to enrol for varying practical courses such as “How to find clients and grow your business”, “How to deal with setbacks” and “Understanding the entrepreneurial life cycle”. These free courses can be life-changing for individuals and their business goals and growth. 

Visit the Small Business Academy on The Startup Tribe to see which free course can assist you and your small business today.