Attend a Cape Town seminar on

Heavy Chef

Attend a Cape Town seminar on how to create the ultimate mobile app

Heavy Chef, the South African entrepreneur education platform, has invited Jacques Oberholzer and Pierre du Plessis to unpack this vital topic.

Attend a Cape Town seminar on

Heavy Chef

In a heady, creative digital age, millions of apps are being introduced every year and only a handful of them succeed. Despite these odds, there are some tried and tested mechanisms that ensure a much higher chance of success.

Fred Roed, CEO and founder of Heavy Chef says, “Just think of how much time many of us spend dreaming up a world-changing concept and often end up having nothing to show for it. It resonates, right? Your minimal viable product is the thing that validates that big idea that’s been cooking up inside you for long. Your MVP is the thing that indicates whether you actually have a business.”

About the speakers

Jacques Oberholzer

Jacques has worked in Silicon Valley with startups like Gyft and Civic, as well as locally with some major online innovators including Property24, Shyft (a Standard Bank offering) and Domestly.

Sharing his time between Now Boarding’s Cape Town and Zurich offices, he focuses on User Experience Design and being the guy in the room that represents the real users. Jacques is currently involved in two fintech projects in Switzerland, bringing his experience to both the traditional and Blockchain industries.

Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis is the CEO of HumanWrites, whose strapline is “Changing the world one wee square notebook at a time”. HumanWrites is a social entrepreneurial venture that sells ‘Writables’. For each notebook sold, the company gives away five school books to a child in need.

Originally from a design background, Pierre has shown his work to critical acclaim at Fashion Week, created award-winning campaigns as a stylist, worked as a brand curator for the SABS Design Institute.

Pierre is also an artist, working with socio-political themes, cultural diversity, and the tension between absence and presence. The other half of his life is in philosophy and spirituality. He is a popular speaker on design thinking, chaos and innovation, speaking regularly at conferences and corporate sessions, and an educator at Duke University. Pierre has been featured numerous times on TEDx. His clients include BMW, Old Mutual, KFC, Adcock Ingram and others.

Speaking to Fred Roed in an interview earlier in October 2018, Pierre said, “I believe in doing good, and that business should do good. I don’t believe true altruism can ever be mandatory, it has to come from an authentic place, but yes I do think entrepreneurs have to think carefully about their intention. The world is tired of greed.”

MVP Masterclass

Following shortly after the event, Heavy Chef is running a Masterclass facilitated by Pierre and presented by Jacques. The Masterclass will run from 9 am to 1 pm and Jacques will deep dive into the secret ingredients of creating a focused, effective and truly scalable MVP.

Both the Masterclass and the event will be held at the Workshop17 event hall at the Watershed, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Heavy Chef’s audience is a mix of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as well as a host of aspiring business owners with big ideas.

“ I think this is going to be one of our most inspirational events of the year and I would encourage everyone to attend who just needs that little ‘kickinthebutt’ to start actually bringing forth the idea they’ve been ruminating on,” says Roed.

Details of the event:

Date: Monday. 22 October 2018

Venue: Workshop17, V&A Waterfront

Time: 6pm

Tickets: available via Quicket or the Heavy Chef website

As usual, Heavy Chef will be serving cold Sir Fruit juices, tasty Backsberg wines, delicious Joe&Co date balls and sumptuous Vida coffee. Regarding transport, due to their recent partnership with Taxify, attendees to the events get discounts on Taxify rides.