Five things to consider when c


Five things to consider when creating a photography budget

See in this post five basic ideas to optimise your photography budget and increase the chances of receiving a “yes” from your future buyer.

Five things to consider when c


The budget of photography is one of the first contacts between the photographer and his possible client. It is in it that the details of the service are set and exposed for your future contractor.

But this proposal should not be sent anyway if you really want to attract customers and sell more photographic services such as video photo services. This is a detailed, extremely important process that needs your full attention to work. So stay tuned for some essential items when submitting your business proposal to a potential customer.

See in this post 5 basic ideas to optimize your photography budget and increase the chances of receiving a “yes” from your future buyer. Check it out!

1. Know exactly what the customer needs

Before you go over any details about the service and its prices you need to know exactly what the customer needs first. The best way to get at this information is by talking and asking questions for the client. You can even elaborate a briefing, or a series of standard questions, that you use in the first contact with your client.

2. Create a good first impression

After asking all the necessary questions and getting the answers, it’s time to put together your photo budget. But before you describe services and values, pay special attention to the visual part of your budget, that is, the first impression you want to make on the customer. As we are image professionals, we need to be concerned with the design and quality of the photos. We also need to make sure we only use good video editing software like Movavi.

3. Be thorough in the photographic services

Another interesting point when setting up a photography proposal is to detail the services and products involved very well. Most of the time, the potential client does not understand anything about photography, or understands very little. Therefore, you will need to explain many things and detail exactly what is included in your photography budget. For example, if you think you’re able to make a video photo yourself, you should “add” it to your budget consideration. This care will prevent the client from being filled with doubts and, thus, will not close the project with you. The first impression is very important, including what you use as your video editing software. If you use Movavi, for example, you’ll get a good impression on your client’s eyes.

So be detailed in the proposal and put some information like:

    Type of service to be performed;
    Number of photos;
    Form of delivery of photographs;
    Estimated working hours;
    Amount per hour or additional photo;
    Project delivery deadline;
    Among other details.

The more detailed you are at this stage, the less likely you are to get future problems with the customer. Also, before confirming the budget, make sure the customer understands the whole proposal and reinforces the essential points by email or telephone.

4. Do not mix types of services and prices

A common mistake most photographers make is to have a standard file, usually a spreadsheet, with all their services and prices. When someone asks for a quote, all they do is send that document and let the customer turn around to find what they want. You can even gain some time doing so, as you do not take a few minutes to analyze the customer’s needs and come up with a detailed proposal.

But make sure you lose a lot of sales just because of it. Remember that the client does not understand much of photography and, in some cases, not even know for sure what he needs. It is up to you, as a specialist, to help you find the best photographic service according to your need. Our advice is to use Movavi as you’ll have many options to deal with.

5. Cause shortage and urgency in the proposal

Have you heard of scarcity and urgency? Shortage is when you somehow limit the product or service you are offering. It can be by the number of units available, special price, or an expiration date of the promotion.

Already the urgency is a sense that you create in your potential clients that must make a decision quickly, before they lose something. These two mental triggers are very powerful and must be included in your photography budget. This way, you prevent the customer from taking too long to respond or even return your contact.