5 Best Shares to Buy in South Africa

5 Best Shares to Buy in South Africa. Image: Supplied

5 Best Shares to Buy in South Africa

(Partner Content) There are tens of thousands of stocks to choose from in South Africa, with more than 66,500 shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). This can be overwhelming for beginners who are just starting in stock investment.

5 Best Shares to Buy in South Africa

5 Best Shares to Buy in South Africa. Image: Supplied

Before you start trading shares, it is crucial to perform in-depth research, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. To make the process easier for beginners, we have listed some of the 5 best shares to buy in South Africa below.

Naspers Limited (JSE: NPP)

Naspers Limited (Naspers) is one of the favourites of both analysts and investors in South Africa who have both a retail and institutional background.

Naspers is still known as the best South African share for positive returns. It is ranked by Forbes as one of the largest companies in the country. Naspers forms part of the Forbes Global 2000 list, where it holds the 504th position.

Current PriceR2,390.53
Price One Year AgoR2,949.85
% difference18.96%
% from 52-week High-38.52% (R3,888.00)
% from 52-week Low4.35% (R2,290.87)
Buy/Sell/Hold Consensus Forecast BUY

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Anglo American PLC (JSE: AGL)

Apart from being one of the top-rated shares in South Africa, Anglo American shows many gains in several underlying commodities such as iron ore as well as copper, which have been significant earnings accretive for the business.

Current PriceR601.19
Price One Year AgoR413.50
% difference45.39%
% from 52-week High-12.81% (R689.49)
% from 52-week Low65.96% (R362.26)
Buy/Sell/Hold Consensus Forecast HOLD+

 AngloGold Ashanti Limited (JSE: ANG)

Alongside Anglo Gold America, AngloGold Ashanti remains a favourite, especially with shares at an affordable price, allowing investors to buy shares with the expectation that they will appreciate within the next few months.

AngloGold Ashanti is one of the largest gold miners with divisions in Continental Africa, Australia, and the Americas. While gold mining may be facing several challenges currently, which can be seen across major producers, the outlook is positive.

Current PriceR217.96
Price One Year AgoR488.80
% difference-55.41%
% from 52-week High-57.10% (R508.05)
% from 52-week Low0.44% (R217.00
Buy/Sell/Hold Consensus Forecast HOLD+

Sasol Limited (JSE: SOL)

Sasol Limited (Sasol) has embarked on several Joint Ventures (JVs) alongside asset disposals, aiming to strengthen and improve its balance sheet, with sudden rises in oil prices supporting earnings.

With improvements in global demand for oil, the oil markets are digesting these prospects against the extension of supply curbs implemented by OPEC+.

Current PriceR221.75
Price One Year AgoR137.39
% difference61.4%
% from 52-week High-16.80% (R266.54)
% from 52-week Low211.36% (R71.22)
Buy/Sell/Hold Consensus Forecast HOLD+

British American Tobacco (JSE: BTI)

British American Tobacco has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange alongside a listing on the JSE, and it is one of the largest, most popular shares on the JSE which is favoured by both retail investors as well as institutional investors alike.

Current PriceR519.79
Price One Year AgoR565.82
% difference-8.14%
% from 52-week High-17.22% (R627.90)
% from 52-week Low2.41% (R507.57)
Buy/Sell/Hold Consensus ForecastBUY

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