How do you pay at online casinos in South Africa?

How do you pay at online casinos in South Africa? Image credit: AdobeStock

How do you pay at online casinos in South Africa?

According to recent industry reporting, the online gambling and gaming sector is undergoing unprecedented levels of growth. While the rise of online gaming platforms has been underway for quite some time, it is only in the last couple of years that these levels of growth have become so intense.

How do you pay at online casinos in South Africa?

How do you pay at online casinos in South Africa? Image credit: AdobeStock

This is down to a combination of factors, with the COVID-19 pandemic helping to accelerate the already very healthy levels of growth in the industry. More generally, however, the growth of the iGaming sector has been helped by mobile devices becoming more and more accessible. Not only are the devices themselves coming down in price by significant margins, but also the availability of high-speed mobile internet has never been better.

These market forces have created a veritable boom in the iGaming sector, with online casinos becoming particularly popular.

In fact, according to recent industry research, the global online gambling market is expected to reach $192bn by 2030!

Among the reasons listed for this potential growth trajectory – which has seen the global gambling sector grow from $76bn in 2020 to $127bn in 2025 – are strong economic growth in emerging markets, rising smartphone adoption and improved internet accessibility.

Interestingly, this report also lists the growing popularity and availability of digital payments systems as facilitating this trend.

Of the various emerging markets that have performed particularly well, Africa has emerged as one of the frontrunners. Despite being behind the likes of China by some margin (China is currently the fastest-growing online gambling market), growth across the African continent has been surprisingly strong.

In one respect, this makes sense, given how strong the adoption of digital payments methods has been both across Africa generally, and South Africa more specifically. In 2022 alone, the total transaction volume of digital payments is expected to reach $14bn, of which $10bn is dedicated to digital commerce.

For South African online casino fans, it appears that it has never been easier to access online casinos, with a number of new players entering the market in recent months. If you are a South African casino fan looking to get started, however, what payment options do you have available to you?

Traditional payment methods

Although they lack many of the benefits of the newer payment methods – such as those we see listed on – the traditional payment methods have continued to be popular with online casino fans.

When we refer to ‘traditional’ payment methods, we are referring to methods of making transfers online – these include bank or wire transfers made either in person or online.

In terms of what these have to offer, the main benefits are accessibility and familiarity. Unlike some of the other payment methods that are proving popular with casino fans in South Africa, they are much easier to get to grips with. This is because payments can simply be processed through existing bank accounts.

However, the main drawbacks are that they tend to be relatively expensive and much slower when compared to e-wallet transfers or cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the pull of tradition remains strong, with traditional bank transfer continuing to be a popular way of making payments online.

Digital wallets

By far the fastest-growing category of payment methods – both within South Africa and beyond – are digital wallets, which have taken the business and finance sector by storm in recent years.

Just as the name suggests, digital wallets are ‘wallets’ designed for the online space. They are essentially online payment tools that typically come in app form and that allow users to store debit or credit card information. 

When you want to make a payment to your South African online casino of choice, you simply log into your digital wallet and choose what card you want to use. The main benefit this brings is that you can cut down on the need to manually enter your card information each time you want to make a purchase.

They also have some added privacy benefits, given that the information is processed through a third party rather than being input directly into the website.

Of the various digital wallet solutions that have emerged in recent years, a number have quickly established themselves as the favorites. These include Skrill and Neteller, both of which allow South African casino fans to make fast payments in a safe and secure environment. Other popular options include ecoPayz, PayPal, Trustly, AstroPay and Boku.


Of the various payment methods on offer to South African online casino fans, arguably the most exciting are cryptocurrencies. Despite the first cryptocurrency only being created in 2009, there are now quite literally thousands of digital currencies on offer that you can use to make payments online.

Unfortunately, however, not every cryptocurrency is accepted by online casinos. The most popularly supported ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, XRP, Cardano and Litecoin.

In terms of what cryptocurrencies offer, in addition to providing some of the fastest payment processing times, they also offer significant privacy benefits that have proved popular with online casino fans. They are also decentralized, which provides a level of safety and security that other conventional payment methods simply can’t offer.

Perhaps the most interesting dimensions of cryptocurrencies is that they can be designed for specific functions. This might be a privacy-focused currency that offers high levels of anonymity, a currency that tracks specific fiat currencies, or even one created specifically for the online casino sector.

Although the cryptocurrency sector is still in a relatively early stage of development, this exciting new technology has been embraced by the casino sector. As a result, many of the most popular online casinos now offer cryptocurrency support as standard.