Best Minigames in Video Game History

A family playing video games together. Image credit: AdobeStock

Best Minigames in Video Game History

There have been some pretty exciting games over the years, being played on consoles, phones, computers, and casinos. Classifying all the games may take a while because there have been thousands.

Best Minigames in Video Game History

A family playing video games together. Image credit: AdobeStock

However, in casinos, the most common games are minigames, not the games made for consoles. Minigames are more straightforward, easier to play, and have exciting storylines from familiar places. 

There have been many legendary minigames over the years, and not all of them can be talked about. One or two great ones will be left out no matter how long the list is. 

However, the ranking can be broken down to some of the most popular minigames to be played per specific region. In this case, our focus will be on the best minigames you can play at popular video games. Let’s get started.

Card game series in RDR 2

The red dead redemption series is quite a fascinating game by its own accord. Adding the poker element that allows a player to gamble was a great idea because it makes it more interesting. 

The game originating from a series has parts one and two, and the latter catches the eye. The action and adventure game is a prequel to the first one’s earlier release, which premiered in 2010. 

In the Red Dead Redemption 2, you can find four mini games. To earn the ‘Hobby Horse’ Trophy, you must complete all of them. Blackjack, Dominoes, Poker, and Five Finger Fillet are among the mini games available.

The game has over 80 hours of gameplay to get to the end, but its poker is unique. A player can gamble away all their savings, depending on how much they have. 

The exciting part is that there are consequences that make the game more interesting: win or lose. If you lose, you have no money left in savings. If you win, it could lead to events that may be more life-threatening.

RDR2 aside, you can play some of the mini games mentioned above at online casinos in South Africa. We’re talking about blackjack and poker, two of the most popular card games in the online casino industry.

  • Gwent in The Witcher

This is a minigame found in the video game The Witcher. It is well documented that the game originates from the classic series, most of its gameplay emulating that. Gwent is another minigame that involves card games. The character, Geralt, collects Gwent cards and travels around challenging tavern dwellers all over the land.

The popularity of the minigame even prompted developers to release it entirely on its own. It is known as Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, which is tied to the gameplay style from the minigame. The storyline is then changed to fit the new competitive card game, but a Gwent player can relate.

  • The streak in WWE 2K14

WWE is, without doubt, the most loved sports entertainment in the whole world. Watching the raw or smackdown series every week is probably how most of our childhoods were shaped. 

When the video game was released, it was probably one of the most exciting times ever. The streak is a minigame in the videogame, specifically 2K14, to replicate The Undertaker’s success in Wrestle Mania.

The streak has two ways to play, either defeat or defend. If you choose to defend, your character will be The Undertaker and will have to face 100 opponents. The aim is to defeat them all and maintain the win streak. 

The most challenging and exciting part is trying to defeat the streak. You go up against a powerful version of The Undertaker in an attempt to end his streak at the main event. This minigame was before Brock Lesnar ended the streak in real life at Wrestle Mania 30.

  • Tekken

Tekken is a video game with many minigames to choose from. All of them are fun and interesting in different ways, making it even harder to pick just one. Some of them include Tekken Ball, Tekken Force, and Tekken 5’s Devil Within. The one that most people favor is Tekken Ball, just about.

It was first introduced in Tekken 3 and can be described as a more violent version of volleyball. The idea is to make sure the ball does not land on your half of the screen. This is by using insane combos to send it back to your opponent’s half to land there. This and the other minigames are part of one of the most legendary videogames ever.

  • Urban/Gamma Golf in Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Urban golf and gamma golf are two challenges that stand out in The Incredible Hulk video game. It gives you a break from all the civil destruction going on and allows you to play golf. The image of a giant green man trying to sink a ball in as few swings as possible is funny. The fewer swings he takes, the more points he gets per round.

  • Yakuza Series

Yakuza series has probably the most and best minigames on this list. The number of minigames available in the series is impressive. The minigames are so attractive that they sometimes distract you from the main storyline. Some interesting minigames include running a bar, your baseball team, and joining a Rocket Racer League.

  • The Mercenaries in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis & Beyond

This is one of the most successful minigames, as it spun off to be its own game later on. The minigame was fun, as you had to run through a section of Racoon City on limited time. The number of kills and civilians you save gives you added time to reach your destination. 

The minigame was brought back in part four of the game but was more arcade-like. Instead of having a finish line, you have to run around saving civilians.

  • Geometry Wars in Project Gotham Racing 2 

This was at one time the best-selling game on Xbox live arcade. After it had already been a minigame and proceeded to be released separately. Different enemies have unique behaviors that make it harder to master but fun to learn. The game may have simple graphics, but the mechanics are the exact opposite, very complex.

  • Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII

This is another card-based minigame in a game full of action. The cards can be collected by earning them from other players in the game. You can also obtain cards through Quetzalcoatl’s card ability which turns the enemies you fight into playable cards. 

After collecting the cards, the game becomes more of an adventure as you go around playing. The aim is to battle other card players and capture monsters.