load shedding bromhof

The late Neyamiah James. Image: Randburg Sun.

Load shedding: Minor dies after inverter keeping breathing machine on runs out of charge

An inverter keeping three-year-old Neyamiah’s breathing machine ran out of charge. Her mother blames Eskom and load shedding.

load shedding bromhof

The late Neyamiah James. Image: Randburg Sun.

A Bromhof family in the City of Johannesburg has blamed Eskom after their three-year-old girl died after the inverter that keeps the minor’s breathing machine ran out of charge due to load shedding. 

Neyamiah James suffered from a rare form of neurodevelopmental disorder called Woree Syndrome which features drug-resistant epilepsy and global developmental delay and died in her mother’s arms on Thursday, 25 May. 


According to the Randburg Sun, the Bromhof family was rushing to hospital after the inverter keeping Neyamiah’s breathing machine on, ran out of charge. The baby girl was using a backup cylinder for oxygen but was having trouble with this.

The girl’s mother, Sunera, told the publication that she tried to nebulise her with a backup battery-operated nebuliser which she had just gotten the day before. It brought her some comfort and she was stable.

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“Lights were restored around 04:15, we put her back on the concentrator she was fine then boom at 08:00 on the dot we go off for maintenance. She started struggling again and my husband and I rushed her to the hospital. She died on the way in my arms. The cylinder was running low and the refill wouldn’t get here on time,” she explained. 

The three-year-old girl. Image: Randburg Sun.

Sunera said nothing will bring her daughter back and the damage and PTSD Eskom and load shedding have caused will stay with them forever.


City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena said unfortunately, the impact of load shedding implemented by Eskom is hitting families hard and it is hard even for them when lives get lost because of this national crisis. 

“City Power acknowledges residents’ concerns about recent recurring outages in the Bromhof area and is working on a plan to resolve this problem. On May 25, part of Bromhof had planned maintenance from 08:00 – 16:00, which is necessary to service our equipment and stabilise our network.” he told the publication. 

Mangena added that City Power cannot guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, therefore, [it] encourages residents with medical conditions to have a back-up system or plans to keep their devices on at all times.

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