Brian Wainstein – alleged inte

Brian Wainstein – alleged international steroid dealer – found dead in Cape Town

Brian Wainstein was once on Interpol’s wanted list and was sought or his role in the in the illicit Steroid trade, seemingly in all corners of the world

Brian Wainstein – alleged inte

Brian Wainstein was, at one stage on Interpol’s wanted list. He had been found guilty of selling illicit steroids in Ireland, before landing up in Cape Town.

At Dublin Circuit Court in July, 2007, Wainstein was sentenced to two years in jail, reduced to four months suspended for illegally selling body-building steroids worldwide from an Irish address.

He pleaded guilty to nine charges arising out of the unlawful possession, sale and distribution of the illicit substances in Dun Laoghaire.

Authorities alleged that the had been running a global racket for decades.

Wainstein was wanted across the world

In 2013, IOL reported that he was wanted in Cyprus and was named in Canadian court papers as a member of a sophisticated steroid trafficking enterprise. A report from The Herald in 2013 said that he was wanted for dealing in steroids worth R76 million.

Earlier in 2017, when R2.4 million of illegal steroids were confiscated in De Doorns, News24 reported that the US government wanted him extradited on various criminal charges relating to “the illegal importation and marketing of various drugs, including anabolic steroids, in the United States”.

Weinstein also reportedly worked via Canada, shipping steroids there from China.

At some point after that, Wainstein arrived in Cape Town

It’s not clear exactly when, but at some point after his Irish shenanigans, Wainstein came to Cape Town.

Brian Wainstein was also known as “The Steroid King”

He used several aliases, including Brian Benjamin and was arrested in Cape Town in 2013. It is not clear what became of the matter, only that he managed to avoid extradition. He was reportedly arrested again in 2016, this time for allegedly being in possession of uncut diamonds.

How did Wainstein die?

According to TimesLive, South African police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed that he was murdered in his home in Constantia on Friday morning. Police said two suspects took three cellphones and fled the scene.

At the time of writing, police would not comment on whether his death might have been a hit.