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ESKOM ALERT: Public told to ‘use less electricity’ – to avoid you-know-what…

The electricity grid is under ‘severe pressure’ on Thursday, and Eskom are now depending on the public to help them avoid more load shedding.

eskom load shedding STAGE 2 COAL

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Despite easing fears about load shedding in their latest statement, the last line of Eskom’s warning about a constrained energy system is telling: The firm goes out of its way to tell us that there have been no power-cuts since 22 July, in a bid to sell the idea that they’ve ‘had a good run’.

Eskom warning leads to load shedding fears

But 12 weeks without load shedding isn’t a cause for celebration. It’s a very low, bare-minimum expectation. And Eskom’s glorious three-month stint of being able to provide uninterrupted power to the public might be coming to an end.

The utility stated on Thursday that ‘a number of generating units’ have broken down, leaving the grid vulnerable. They have called upon the general public to help ease the severe pressure on the system, by using less electricity at home.

South Africans asked to use less electricity on Thursday 7 October – to avoid load shedding

Eskom, anticipating that they will soon have to raid their emergency reserves, believes that power outages can be avoided if everyone chips in – but the writing might already be on the wall for the SOE, and the rest of us lot.

In the past few days, Eskom has implemented various schedules of ‘load reductions’ in certain regions, and issued two red alerts for supply difficulties. Yesterday, they asked citizens to turn off their geysers, pool pumps, non-essential appliances, and any lights that did not need to be on.

Eskom’s good run might not last much longer

  • And now, here we are, with another ‘Hail Mary’ designed to steer us away from load shedding:

“While there is currently no load shedding anticipated, Eskom would like to request the public to reduce their usage of electricity. The grid is under severe pressure, due to a number of generating unit breakdowns. This will necessitate an increased utilisation of emergency reserves, as total breakdowns amount to 14 925 MW

“While we expect our units to return to service over the next few days, we urge the public to use electricity sparingly to assist in avoiding load shedding. We will communicate promptly, should there be any changes to the power system.”