Herman Mashaba ActionSA

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba speaks to the public – Image sourced via Twitter / @ActionSA

Will Herman Mashaba QUIT ActionSA? Here’s his version of events

Herman Mashaba has put the record straight on Tuesday, after it was alleged the ActionSA leader was considering leaving the party.

Herman Mashaba ActionSA

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba speaks to the public – Image sourced via Twitter / @ActionSA

He’s no stranger to controversy, is Herman Mashaba. As one of the most prominent political figures in South Africa, the ActionSA leader often finds himself at the centre of a storm. But has the former Mayor of Johannesburg decided to quit his own political party?

Herman Mashaba ActionSA Elvis Nyati
Herman Mashaba lead ActionSA to an impressive electoral performance last year – Photo: ActionSA / Twitter

Is Herman Mashaba leaving ActionSA? Here’s what he has said…

According to the man himself, the answer to that is a resounding and comprehensive NO.

An IOL report, published on Tuesday, claimed that Herman Mashaba was ready to walk away from the Green Mamba. ActionSA, who made waves when contesting in the 2021 Local Elections, have found themselves in positions of importance inside some municipal governments.

They were recently accused of siding with the ANC in Johannesburg. It’s an allegation that Mashaba and his fellow actioners contest fiercely. In fact, Herman is so affronted by it all, he said that he would STEP DOWN as party leader *if* others in ActionSA wanted to cross this divide.

ActionSA leader sets the record straight

Soon enough, stories about Herman Mashaba’s ‘impending’ departure were doing the rounds online. But the contentious politician has branded these claims as dishonest. Furthermore, he’s already looking to file a compliant with the press ombudsman.

  • For now, Mr. Mashaba remains the ActionSA leader – and only a sharp change in party policy can force his hand:

“This is dishonest, political reporting that we will address with the press ombudsman. I have no intention to leave ActionSA when our work in building the political alternative in South Africa has only just begun. When you threaten the establishment, they want to see the back of you.”

“Forming a coalition with the ANC is not an option we will consider. On this we are unanimous in our view. All I have said is that I could not lead a party that was in coalition with the ANC. To deduce from this that I would leave ActionSA is outrageous.”

“We have launched a review of our approach to coalitions and we are asking the voters to tell us how coalitions can be more transparent, stable and delivery-centric. Let me assure you. I am going nowhere until we fix this beautiful country.” | Herman Mashaba