FBI Ramaphosa

Photo: Tony Webster / Flickr

Just in: FBI contacted to investigate Ramaphosa farm robbery

The FBI has been asked to investigate Ramaphosa’s hidden stash of $4 million – after his political nemesis submitted a request.

FBI Ramaphosa

Photo: Tony Webster / Flickr

Crikey, things are moving fast in the Farmgate saga. With Hawks already conducting research into Cyril Ramaphosa’s mysterious cash stash, it seems that there will now be a more international flavour to this probe – after the FBI was approached to investigate the matter.

Is the FBI coming for Cyril Ramaphosa?

It’s all down to the work of DA leader John Steenhuisen. The veteran politician confirmed on Tuesday that the top US crime agency had been contacted by his office, with a request to investigate the alleged criminal activity that took place on Phala Phala farm.

For those of you who may have been living on Mars over the past few weeks, President Ramaphosa is embroiled in the worst scandal of his premiership so far – and we include ‘Bosasa-gate’ in all that. A robbery at his property in Limpopo uncovered a huge amount of US dollar bills.

Upwards of $4 million was found concealed at the farmhouse, and burglars duly helped themselves to the loot. However, Ramaphosa never reported the robbery to police – and he also stands accused of failing to declare his stash of foreign currency to the relevant authorities.

DA demand US probe into Farmgate

Facing TWO possible criminal charges, things only look like they will get worse for Ramaphosa. John Steenhuisen is in no mood to let his opposite number off the hook – and he confirmed that the FBI have been made aware of this case.

“I’ve written to the FBI, requesting that they investigate allegations of money laundering by President Ramaphosa. They must investigate the source of the funds, and determine if the money is in South Africa legally. A cash transaction in SA involving $4 million is deeply suspicious.”

John Steenhuisen

FBI asked to look into Cyril Ramaphosa’s cash stash

The investigative bureau DOES have the authority to look into crimes which include the American currency. Therefore, should the FBI decide to grant Steenhuisen’s request, South Africa could find itself with a sitting president facing a US Federal probe.