strike action airports

The strike is set to take place on Thursday 10 November – Photo: Unsplash

Here’s why you ‘may not be able to enter or leave SA’ on Thursday

People entering or exiting South Africa on Thursday have been told to expect ‘significant disruptions’ – we’ve got the details here.

strike action airports

The strike is set to take place on Thursday 10 November – Photo: Unsplash

Nothing causes chaos like a well-organised round of strike action. The Public Servants Association (PSA) is encouraging almost 250 000 of its members to down tools on Thursday 10 November. The protest could, however, create a genuine nightmare at our airports.

Strike action could ‘cripple’ South African airports on Thursday

A large number of airport staff, at key hubs like OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airport, are part of the PSA union. The group is gatvol with the government. This, after a ‘meagre’ wage rise was forced through during the budget. Union leaders say the increases don’t go far enough,

Threats of a national shutdown are already being pushed by the likes of NEHAWU. They say that they will rally other unions to join in with a nationwide demonstration. However, a much more immediate threat looms on the horizon.

airport strike
Around 250 000 workers could down tools on Thursday – Photo: Unsplash

Will people be able to leave or enter the country? Public Servants Association aims for travel shutdown

According to the PSA, workers for Home Affairs, Transport Departments, and Border Control will be compelled to join in with strike action this Thursday. They warn that people ‘wanting to enter or leave South Africa’ will struggle to do so, due to a lack of ‘available crucial services’.

  • Chronic staff shortages, therefore, threaten to severely impact our airports for a 24-hour period this week

“It is time for PSA members to stand up and be counted. The PSA urges members (who work in non-essential services) to participate in the marches to display the dissatisfaction and frustration with the way public servants are being treated by government.”

“The strike will have a serious impact on activities of departments, especially Home Affairs, Transport, and Border Control. Government’s decision to unilaterally implement the meagre increase with public servants’ salaries in November 2022 has angered the PSA.”

“People wanting to enter or leave [South Africa] must note those are the crucial services that would not be available. If you arrive at OR Tambo International Airport on Thursday 10 November, you will not find anybody to process that kind of services.” | PSA statement