SARS Commissioner Ramaphosa

SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter. Image via: Freddy Mavunda / Gallo

SARS boss accused of ‘directing company’ OWNED by Ramaphosa

The Commissioner of SARS, Ed Kieswetter, has denied claims that he has ‘close business interests’ with President Ramaphosa.

SARS Commissioner Ramaphosa

SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter. Image via: Freddy Mavunda / Gallo

The SA Revenue Service (SARS) published a firm rejection of claims about Commissioner Ed Kieswetter late on Wednesday night, after he was accused of having a prior business relationship with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

SARS Commissioner accused of enjoying ‘close business ties’ with President Ramaphosa

In the last couple of weeks, Ramaphosa’s private affairs have come under intense scrutiny. It was revealed that the president had roughly $4 million stolen from one of his farms in Limpopo – but the ANC leader failed to report the crime, raising plenty of suspicion.

What’s more, Cyril may have failed to declare the enormous concealment of a foreign currency to SARS – and two political parties have since asked the taxman to clarify what they knew about the ‘cash stash’. However, the impartiality of the Revenue Service has since been called into question.

Ed Kieswetter hits out at ‘mischievous falsehoods’

Kieswetter is alleged to have directed a company owned by Ramaphosa, before he joined SARS. The top boss has also been accused of ‘personally phoning’ South Africa’s head of state, to discuss the Farmgate matter. Alas, a comprehensive rejection has since been issued.

  • The tax authorities have branded the allegations as fake news, maintaining SARS’ commitment to complete impartiality.

“SARS has noted the recent allegation made in the press and social media that the Commissioner for SARS is a director of a company owned by President Ramaphosa. Commissioner Kieswetter is not – and never was – a director of any company owned by Mr Ramaphosa.”

“The recent allegations are therefore not only incorrect but also mischievous in trying to link fake news about the Commissioner’s alleged directorship to SARS’s obligation to maintain taxpayer confidentiality.”

“The Commissioner did not receive a call from President Ramaphosa as alleged. Moreover, the Commissioner does not involve himself in or deal with any taxpayer matters personally. SARS will always abide by the law.”

Ed Kieswetter, SARS Commissioner