David Makhura Gauteng Premier ANC

Photo: David Makhura / Twitter

No hope? ANC’s Gauteng Premier now believes SA is ‘ungovernable’

Gauteng Premier David Makhura has courted controversy, with a set of shock comments he made about the state of South Africa on Sunday.

David Makhura Gauteng Premier ANC

Photo: David Makhura / Twitter

It’s not often you witness a high-ranking ANC leader come *this close* to throwing in the towel completely. But David Makhura is an exasperated man. The Gauteng Premier, fed-up with crimewaves driven by foreign offenders, has labelled the entire country as ‘ungovernable’.

Gauteng Premier brands SA ungovernable, and wants tougher interventions to fight crime…

Now, given that the party he represents are the ones charged with governing the country, we can chalk this up as a fairly contentious statement from Mr. Makhura. Alas, like the rest of the nation, he is gatvol. We all have a breaking point, and the senior politician appears to have reached his.

In an emotive speech delivered to residents in Kagiso, Johannesburg, David Makhura condemned the violent acts of criminality that have ripped communities apart in recent months. However, a brutal gang rape in Krugersdorp seems to have ignited these highly-flammable tensions.

Kagiso residents have been protesting on the streets, and Makhura has heard their calls. However, his idea for a solution may be stronger than some were anticipating. The Gauteng Premier reckons that ‘the armed response of the state’ must be deployed against illegal miners.

ANC leaders ‘losing hope’ for SA

The response is forthright, but it reflects a burgeoning mood in Gauteng. No law enforcement body has been able to rein-in the wrongdoers so far. Makhura also identified three countries which are allegedly responsible for sending ‘zama zamas’ into South Africa.

“Our country is ungovernable. The criminals have taken over. These illegal miners come from three countries in the SADC: They are from Lesotho, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. This is a national security question. We now need the armed response of our state.”

Gauteng Premier David Makhura

Zama zama issue enrages Gauteng Premier

The issue with zama zamas has been a long-running one. But the Krugersdorp incident – perpetrated by multiple illegal miners – has brought their existence in SA into sharp focus. As the Gauteng Premier puts it, Mzansi is now dealing with ‘highly-trained criminals’.