Jacob Zuma DAUGHTER duduzile zuma

Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma with her father Jacob in July 2021 – Photo via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

Duduzile Zuma accused of ‘inciting violence’ against journalist

A harmless comment, or a step too far? Duduzile Zuma is stirring the pot on Twitter once more – and she has a senior journalist in her sights.

Jacob Zuma DAUGHTER duduzile zuma

Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma with her father Jacob in July 2021 – Photo via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

Alleged riot instigator Duduzile Zuma is now being accused of inciting violence against News24 journalist Karyn Maughan. The reporter was served a summons on Tuesday from Jacob Zuma’s legal team, challenging the coverage of the former president’s health issues.

Maughan broke a story about Msholozi’s medical conditions, when the documents were revealed during his corruption trial. After being published in court, the papers were considered public information. However, the Zumas are furious with the way these details were handled.

Advocate Billy Downer is also a target for the prosecution. Though the law appears to be on the side of the defendants, the legal action will proceed. Needless to say, the SA National Editors Forum have raised their concerns – and they are ‘disgusted’ by this reaction.

Duduzile Zuma fikile mbalula
Duduzile ‘Dudu’ Zuma is no stranger to fighting her father’s battles – Image via Twitter / @DZumaSambudla

Duduzile Zuma accused of ‘inciting violence’… again

SANEF believe that this is a ‘clear case of intimidation’ against Karyn Maughan, and ‘an attack on media freedom’. They have pledged to give their support to the veteran journalist, and will do whatever they can to ensure she is not silenced by uBaba and his brood.

“The South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) notes with disgust the serving of summons on Karyn Maughan, News24’s specialist legal writer. The summons, served by former president Jacob Zuma’s legal team, is a clear case of intimidation solely intended to silence Maughan.”

“As the media, we are aware that once papers are filed in court, they become public record, hence the latest serving of summons is uncalled for and an unwarranted move. As this is a clear attack on media freedom, SANEF intends to fully support News24.” | SANEF

What did Duduzile Zuma post?

Meanwhile, SANEF has also reserved further condemnation for Duduzile Zuma. They accuse her of ‘inciting violence’ against Maughan, following a Tweet she shared yesterday. The offending post encouraged the senior journo to ‘open up comments’ on her page.

Though seemingly innocuous, it has been argued by some that Zuma’s daughter was ‘rallying followers’ to pile-in with abuse.