Worst drivers car model

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It’s official: South Africa’s ‘worst drivers’ own THESE cars…

This’ll get engines revving. A new study reveals which cars cause the most traffic issues: Do you agree with the list of SA’s worst drivers?

Worst drivers car model

Photo: Unsplash

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) may have just sparked a small-scale civil war with its most recent findings, after they put together a table of the ‘worst drivers’ in South Africa.

Who are the worst drivers in South Africa?

The list of our top offenders is sorted by car model and make. They are judged on metrics such as their involvement in fatal crashes, speed infringements, and general Aarto violations. One vehicle stands out above the rest…

The Volkswagen Polo takes the unwanted top-spot, comfortably topping the rankings in all fields. Over one in five traffic infringements are committed by those behind the wheel of this VW model, too.

VW Polo owners ‘most dangerous’ on SA’s roads

They are closely followed by three makes of Toyota vehicles: The Hilux, the Quantum, and the Corolla. The Isuzu KB Series completes the top five – something the RTMC has discussed with scorn:

“Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Quantum are the vehicle models mostly involved in fatal crashes in South Africa – and account for the highest number speed infringement fines issued.”

“These three vehicle models also accounted for the highest number of Aarto speed infringement fines issued by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, Tshwane Metro Police Department, the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, and the National Traffic Police.”

“Furthermore, a total of 35% of speed infringement fines were issued to these three vehicle models in the period under review. The study also found that Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Quantum vehicles aged between 5-10 years were involved in most fatal crashes”

RTMC statement

Worst drivers table: Fair or foul?

Half of the top 12 offenders are from Toyota motors. Nissan and Ford have one representative each, and to find a BMW model, you have to go down to eighth – where Series 3 drivers have been named and shamed.

  • We expect the debate to rumble on for a while yet – but this is what the stats say:
Photo: Road Traffic Management Corporation