Joburg load shedding

Imagine being able to have the lights on any time you want. We’d have the gaff looking like an airport… – Photo: Supplied

LOOK: Joburg’s ‘safest suburb’ gets load shedding-proof homes!

Want to live in a load shedding-proof estate? Well, get digging for some spare change, because these homes are turning heads in Joburg.

Joburg load shedding

Imagine being able to have the lights on any time you want. We’d have the gaff looking like an airport… – Photo: Supplied

Many of you outside of North Joburg may not have heard of Craighall Park – and there’s a good reason for that. It has previously been branded as ‘one of the safest suburbs’ in the city. Now, as well as sheltering residents from crime, some buyers will now be protected from load shedding.

Joburg load shedding
Suburbs don’t get much leafier than this! – Photo: Supplied

Joburg’s most sought-after homes now going off-grid

That’s because the cluster of homes up for sale at 7 On Westminster are all OFFICIALLY off the grid. That means the energy supply is completely independent from Eskom, and those who move into this estate won’t have to concern themselves with the perils of power cuts.

South Africa has, so far, endured 31 consecutive days of load shedding. What may have once passed as a manageable inconvenience has become a major over-bearance in our lives. That’s why off-the-grid properties are now a very attractive option, even for those seeking luxury.

Joburg load shedding
Off-grid living is very much a ‘sign of the times’ in Joburg – Photo: Supplied

Binning load shedding an attractive option for buyers

Only four properties have been built on this estate, meaning that demand will be high for a long time to come. Make no mistake, these ‘load shedding-proof’ dwellings are now a significant draw: The privacy, security, and peacefulness on offer are also ticking boxes.

“The 7 On Westminster estate features a unique, modern classic cluster of homes, where retaining of the mature trees and attention to privacy comes first. Being off-grid and having security – including access to road closure – make these most sought after homes.” | 7 On Westminster

“A life spent living in this small community where common providers and staff service is simply effortless. The latest energy-efficient and off-grid electricity, gas, and water design take away the stresses of load-shedding and unreliable city services.”

Load shedding prevention aside, what else does 7 On Westminster offer?

Truly, the need to shield buyers from Eskom is a sign of the times. But it’s not all about the power options. There are many, many facets of this estate that are turning the heads across Gauteng. Every house is equipped with the following amenities:

  • Modern Classic Cluster In Private Gardens.
  • Off-grid Electricity, Gas & Water.
  • 24 Hour Secure Boomed Access.
  • Low-Cost Luxury Living.
  • Three-to-five bedrooms, with en suite options.
  • Three bathrooms.
  • Double-garage.
  • Three parkings.
  • Floor area of 320m squared.
  • Slow-burn fireplace.
  • Filtered borehole system.
  • Automated irrigation system.
You’ll need a fair wedge of money to buy one of these Joburg properties, but who doesn’t enjoy the odd spot of window-shopping? – Photo: Supplied

Is this the safest suburb in Joburg?

In terms of ‘unique selling points’, 7 On Westminster has plenty to choose from. Aside from its Eskom-busting energy system, Craighall Park – a leafy suburb just a stone’s throw away from Sandton – boasts some of the lowest crime rates in the region.

“Craighall Park enjoys the lowest Crime Rate amongst neighbouring suburbs thanks to the Active Residents Association and their Public Space security provider. This allows the suburb to be one where dogs, small children, and even adults can roam free.” | 7 On Westminster