SASSA Payment dates social grants

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SASSA payment dates: Here’s when you can collect your grants in December

The latest SASSA payment dates – and R350 grant details – for December have been made public, and recipients won’t have to wait long.

SASSA Payment dates social grants

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Those receiving grants from SASSA will be pleased to know that the payment dates for December will arrive next week. This includes R350 grant beneficiaries, but they may have to wait a little longer for their handouts.

When are R350 grant payment dates for December?

The waiting will be minimal for our grant recipients, as all established payments should be made in the first three days of December. There is no fixed date for the R350 grant, but it usually clears after the Older Person’s Allowance, the Disabled Person’s Allowance, and Children’s Grant Allowance have all been deposited.

As per usual, the elderly will be the first up to claim their SASSA grants, and payday falls on Wednesday 1 December for them. Disability claimants then follow the day after, then child maintenance payments are made.

It’s worth noting that, once these funds are made available, they won’t have to be claimed straight away. All monies owed to each client will stay in their accounts, until an individual is ready to make a withdrawal.

SASSA payment dates for December 2021

You can see the payment dates schedule here:

  • Older person’s allowance: Wednesday 1 December.
  • Disability allowance: Thursday 2 December.
  • Children’s grants allowance: Friday 3 December.
  • R350 Grant: No specific payments dates are given, but they will be actioned AFTER Friday 3 December.

Beneficiaries warned about ‘unclaimed funds’

Meanwhile, SASSA has also acted swiftly to remind its R350 grant clients about ‘unclaimed funds’ left over from the first cycle. Beneficiaries now just have a few days to find out if any money is owed to them, so they can get something back. And it really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’ – because all leftover funds will be returned to the government.