National Shutdown unions

SAFTU protesters line the streets of Mzansi – Photo: Mikaela Nhondo / Twitter

Extended chaos? National Shutdown could now ‘last for DAYS’

If you thought one day of countrywide disruption was bad, wait until you hear about the plans SAFTU have to EXPAND the National Shutdown…

National Shutdown unions

SAFTU protesters line the streets of Mzansi – Photo: Mikaela Nhondo / Twitter

Could the misery of a National Shutdown last LONGER than first thought? According to the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU), the wave of strikes due to hit Mzansi on Wednesday may well extend beyond a ‘one-day event’.

When is the National Shutdown, and what time does it start?

General Secretary of SAFTU, Zweli Vavi, told a press conference on Monday that the planned scale of strike action would be sustained ‘for some time’ going forward. He sees this moment as an opportunity for the working class to ‘redress the balance’ in South Africa.

Whereas SAFTU are seeking social justice, millions of commuters face an almighty upheaval on 24 August. This National Shutdown has been in the pipeline for a while – and it will be backed by the political might of both the EFF, and the ANC’s tri-partite partner Cosatu.

National Shutdown SAFTU
On Monday, SAFTU held a media briefing to outline their plans for the nationwide strike action – Photo: Jacaranda FM / Twitter

SAFTU, Cosatu members set to strike ‘in their thousands’

Vavi is determined to ensure that whatever happens on Wednesday serves as a turning point for the non-elite South Africans. Rallying against youth unemployment, increasing food prices, and extortionate fuel costs, SAFTU certainly have plenty of grievances to raise.

“We aren’t working on making this a one-day event. SAFTU will sustain this level of strike action for some time. This must be seen as the beginning of mobilisation for the working class. It will not just be an isolated incident.” | Zweli Vavi

Critics of National Shutdown slam ‘attack on economy’

Not everyone is supportive of the proposed National Shutdown, though. Widespread economic disruption is likely to affect people in all provinces. Blocked roads, unmanned services, and depleted workforces can all be expected on 24 August – and one political heavyweight is seething:

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