Public holiday

An extra day off between Christmas and New Year has been proposed – Photo: Unsplash

We need this! SA ‘may get an EXTRA Public Holiday’ in December

Has South Africa been short-changed this year? Well, there’s now a serious push to create an ‘additional’ Public Holiday in December 2022.

Public holiday

An extra day off between Christmas and New Year has been proposed – Photo: Unsplash

Sign us up immediately. The top dogs at FEDUSA, one of the largest trade union organisations in South Africa, have reached out to Cyril Ramaphosa. They are bidding to secure an extra Public Holiday for Mzansi in December – in a campaign likely receive major public backing.

When could South Africa get an extra Public Holiday?

Basically, the fact that Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year really screws workers over. That’s because any paid holiday which falls on a Sunday must legally be carried over to the Monday instead. However, that’s already a prescribed day off as well.

South Africans have a total of 12 paid Public Holidays per annum. However, as per the calendar for 2022, this would be reduced to 11. Therefore, we will find ourselves one Public Holiday short by the end of the year, unless our government intervenes.

Calendar Public holiday
With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, it throws our paid holiday calendar off-balance – Photo: Unsplash

12 Days OFF Christmas? FEDUSA have a date in mind

Given that Heritage Day fell on a Saturday last month, many workers will already be feeling short-changed. Indeed, losing another day off around Christmas just doesn’t sit right. That’s why FEDUSA have proposed Tuesday 27 December as the date for our ‘extra’ paid Public Holiday.

  • Hey, if the ANC ever needed an easy win, it’s staring them right in the face…

“The Leadership of the Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has written to President Ramaphosa, requesting an additional paid Public Holiday in December 2022. We became aware that, during 2022, working South Africans will only enjoy 11 out of the 12 paid holidays.”

“This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday. In terms of the Public Holidays Act, ‘whenever any public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a public holiday.’ Consequently, Monday 26 December 2022, the Day of Goodwill, will fall outside of the Act’s ambit.”

“FEDUSA remains resolute that working South Africans should not be dealt with a further injustice to their income security, already eroded during COVID–19, and must therefore be able to enjoy their full twelve paid holidays.” | FEDUSA