new subject school curriculum

A new school subject is on the cards for learners – and it’s one that will get them on their feet – Photo: Pixabay

Another NEW subject could soon be added to SA’s school curriculum

Depending on your child, they’ll either love OR hate this: Another new subject has been proposed for the South African school curriculum.

new subject school curriculum

A new school subject is on the cards for learners – and it’s one that will get them on their feet – Photo: Pixabay

The learners of Mzansi may have yet another new subject on the school curriculum soon, following a set of draft proposals tabled by the Department of Art and Culture. This comes just a few months after ‘coding and robotics’ got the green-light for teaching in 2023.

South African pupils may soon have a new subject to learn

However, the new subject that has been put forward here is dance and theatre. It’s part of a government initiative that seeks to enhance the creativity and problem-solving skills of our youth. According to the policy, both primary and secondary pupils would take part in lessons.

“Dance and theatre are to be integrated into the curriculum at primary and secondary school levels – both for vocational purposes and in order for learners to benefit from the cognitive, creative and problem-solving skills that engagement in the arts enhances.”

Department of Arts and Culture

From coding and robotics, to dance and theatre

The public consultation process ends in three weeks, on Friday 22 July. Once submissions have been considered, the proposals will then be moved forward before potentially becoming part of an updated school curriculum. The government also says this scheme will be ‘monitored for quality’.

“There must be at least one publicly-funded tertiary education and training institution/department teaching theatre and dance, in each province that provides certificate, diploma and undergraduate courses for practitioners.”

“The implementation of the Arts Education curriculum in all schools and grades will be monitored, to ensure that such education is delivered by qualified arts practitioners. All training and development must be inclusive, reflecting the demographics of each given area.”

Department of Arts and Culture

School curriculum changes confirmed for 2023

Both coding and robotics are set to be officially be added to South Africa’s 2023 school curriculum. This follows a successful pilot programme which took place last year.

Younger grades, as well as Grade 7 classes, were the first to sample the hi-tech lessons – and other year groups will soon follow suit:

  • The pilot of Coding and Robotics Curriculum Grades R-to-3 and Grade 7 took place in late 2021
  • A full-scale implementation for these grades is planned for the 2023 academic year.
  • The Coding and Robotics pilot for Grades 4-6 and for Grade 8 is planned for 2022.
  • This will be followed by a Grade 9 pilot in 2023.
  • The full-scale implementation for Grades 4-6 and Grade 8 is planned for 2024.
  • Finally, a complete integration for Grade 9 will take place in 2025.