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Here’s what Cyril, Steenhuisen, Malema and other party leaders will earn in 2022

The likes of Cyril Ramaphosa, John Steenhuisen, and Julius Malema are set to benefit from a substantial pay rise this year.

steenhuisen malema

Photo: TSA Composite

In these dire times of fiscal uncertainty, it’s just *so wonderful* to see that our politicians won’t have to worry about putting food on the table any time soon. Sarcasm aside, we reported last week that MPs, ministers, and party leaders – including Cyril Ramaphosa, John Steenhuisen, and Julius Malema – are all set for a pay rise.

Increased wages for our politicians

For the forthcoming financial year, it has been proposed that Parliamentary representatives get a 3% increase on their annual salaries. Although the changes are relatively modest, they still remain a luxury that won’t be afforded to millions of civilians, as South Africa continues to find its feet following the pandemic.

These proposals still have to be approved by President Ramaphosa. If Cyril has no objections, the adjusted wages will come into force for the financial year ahead. The potential salary increases are below the rate of inflation – but we doubt the general public will be cheering in their droves for this new structure.

A 3% rise might not sound like a lot, but if we analyse some of the top jobs, we can see what a major difference it will make to their pay-packets. It’s worth noting that Cyril Ramaphosa would be the first South African president to collect a wage worth more than R3 million each year.

How much will Cyril Ramaphosa, John Steenhuisen, and Julius Malema get paid in 2022?

Meanwhile, both John Steenhuisen and Julius Malema will be tens of thousands of rand better off thanks to the new directives. Ten other party leaders – ranging from Pieter Groenewald of Freedom Front Plus, to Vuyo Zungula of the African Transformation Movement – are also going home with a boost in the bank.

  • Cyril Ramaphosa: The president will now take home an annual wage of R3.079 million.
  • John Steenhuisen: The opposition leader will see his pay packet increase to R1.648 million.
  • Julius Malema: As leader of the EFF, Juju now gets R1.386 million per year.
  • All other party leaders in Parliament: The remaining 10 leaders of all other represented political parties in the National Assembly are also getting R1.386 million over the next 12 months. Must be nice.