Cyril Ramaphosa state capture inquiry

President Cyril Ramaphosa
Image source: GCIS

Is THIS the biggest lie Cyril Ramaphosa told at the State Capture Inquiry?

Cyril Ramaphosa has been left with a bloody nose, after the State Capture Report identified ‘glaring holes’ in his testimony.

Cyril Ramaphosa state capture inquiry

President Cyril Ramaphosa
Image source: GCIS

Cyril Ramaphosa may have felt like he had no choice but to appear at the State Capture Inquiry. Indeed, absconding like his predecessor Jacob Zuma did would not have ended well – but the president’s compliance FAILED to score him any favourable coverage from Raymond Zondo.

A bad look for Cyril Ramaphosa? State Capture Report pulls no punches

The Chief Justice has highlighted at least eight areas of concern when it comes to Ramaphosa’s testimony at the Commission. Zondo even used the word ‘troublesome’ to describe the CR17 campaign funds controversy – the latest in a growing line of scandals engulfing the ANC leader.

Zondo Commission: Can the president survive this latest scandal?

Ramaphosa has just about fended off the legal challenge to name the donors behind his presidential campaign. He has also emerged relatively unscathed after receiving money from the corrupt executives of Bosasa. Our head of state is also confident that ‘Farmgate’ will blow over.

But the shadow of state capture won’t stop stalking Ramaphosa, who served as South Africa’s Deputy President – and Jacob Zuma’s right-hand man – from 2012 to 2017. It’s generally accepted that these five years heralded ‘the peak’ of the Gupta-sponsored state looting spree.

Here’s what Cyril Ramaphosa is accused of lying about

Zondo has said his piece on Ramaphosa – but one excerpt from the State Capture Report is standing out above all others. The Chief Justice suspects that the president may have misled his Commission, when discussing the corruption that plagued the State Security Agency (SSA).

  • During his testimony, Ramaphosa told Zondo that a ‘major review’ of SSA was at an advanced stage.
  • However, information gathered by investigators claims that the internal investigations ‘had completely stalled’.
  • They also found evidence of ‘interference’ from senior SSA officials, and those being probed never faced the consequences.
  • Quite simply, the investigation Ramaphosa said was progressing – under oath – never actually got off the ground.
  • The president’s testimony was branded ‘opaque and gap-filled’ by Zondo’s damning State Capture Report.