Professor Shabir Madhi also believes a few of the COVID-19 measures in place should be dropped. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

‘No more masks’: THIS province is pushing to end all remaining COVID rules

South Africa still has a number of COVID rules in force – and President Ramaphosa is being put under pressure to end them all.


Professor Shabir Madhi also believes a few of the COVID-19 measures in place should be dropped. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has declared his desire for the government to drop all remaining COVID rules in South Africa. Speaking on Tuesday evening, the senior politician called for ALL businesses and venues to open at full capacity again.

What are the last remaining COVID rules in SA?

The recent wave of COVID didn’t come close to matching the infection levels we witnessed during the peaks of Omicron and Delta. Hospitals have not been overwhelmed by any stretch of the imagination – even with almost all restrictions now dead and buried.

However, a number of limitations still remain:

  • People still have to wear their masks in an indoor public space, or onboard public transport.
  • All venue gatherings are still subjected to maximum capacity limits of 50% – and entry is subject to their COVID status.
  • If a venue is not enforcing COVID checks, only 1 000 people are allowed to congregate indoors, and 2 000 outdoors.
  • Social distancing guidance remains in place for businesses and their indoor premises.
  • Travellers entering into South Africa have to prove their vaccinated, or supply a COVID-negative test.

Western Cape leading the charge to scrap restrictions FOR GOOD

As far as Premier Winde is concerned, there’s no longer any need to impose even the most minor restrictions. He says that it’s time to trust the public, and let citizens make their own risk assessments when going into shared spaces.

The Western Cape is the only province in SA that’s not under ANC rule, and the DA-run legislature often finds itself clashing with the national government. However, Winde is seeking common ground on this issue, in order to help rebuild Mzansi’s ailing economy:

“It’s time that we do away with all COVID-19 restrictions on mask-wearing and gatherings. In practice, this means that we need to allow congregations, convention centres, stadiums, and other economic hubs to operate at full capacity once again.”

“By doing away with these restrictions, we will enable businesses to operate at full capacity and grow. Residents should be allowed to practice the necessary behaviours that they deem fit and that they have learnt throughout the pandemic.”

“Last month, I sent a letter to President Ramaphosa calling for an urgent President’s Coordinating Council to table our latest data and remove the remaining restrictions. No meeting has been called – and my office has sent a reminder to the Presidency.”

Alan Winde