Cape Town dam levels

Theewaterskloof dam, as it appears in July 2022 – Photo: Hassner Pepler / Flickr

LOOK: Rain works wonders, as Cape Town dam levels soar!

Wonderful scenes: Several bursts of rain have had a significant impact on the Cape Town dam levels – here are the latest figures.

Cape Town dam levels

Theewaterskloof dam, as it appears in July 2022 – Photo: Hassner Pepler / Flickr

You simply LOVE to see it! Checking the Cape Town dam levels used to give us nightmares only a few years ago. So it’s always nice to note the success stories, as and when they occur. Over the past seven days, the rains have blessed the municipality’s water reserves.

Cape Town dam levels for Monday 22 August

The Western Cape was hit by a series of cold fronts last week. They brough rain, snow, and chilly conditions across the board. Crucially, the downpours went where they were needed. Major reservoirs and water storage facilities have benefited substantially from this rainfall.

Last Monday, the Cape Town dam levels were on 76.4%. This afternoon, they triumphantly stand at 81.5% full. That’s an increase of more than 5%, and it’s not very often we see a weekly rise of this size. The reticulation system in the Mother City, therefore, remains in good condition.

Rare 5% increase in ONE WEEK buoys city officials

The ‘day zero’ fears that blighted Cape Town back in 2017 and 2018 now seem like a distant memory. The south-west is already on course for more wet weather in winter, and there’s a genuine chance the dam levels could push the 100% mark once more.

The biggest increase was recorded at Wemmershoek this week, which saw its water volume rise by 9.6%. Steenbras Lower’s levels soared by 8.6%, and Berg River – which is now as good as full – went up by a respectable 7.4%. All six dams saw their total percentages rise this week.

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What are the latest Cape Town dam levels? Weekly comparison HERE:

Meanwhile, Theewaterskloof – which is the biggest facility of the lot – enjoyed an increase of 3.9%. The reservoir near Villiersdorp almost ran dry four years ago, only to be saved from disaster at the eleventh hour.

For anyone who remembers those days, these figures are certainly a sight for sore eyes!

Major damsThis week (22/08/2022)Previous week (15/08/2022)
Berg River98.290.8
Steenbras Lower91.480.8
Steenbras Upper91.287.2
TOTAL % of Storage81.576.4