Sandton City

A shot of the Sandton skyline, from October 2021 – Photo: RCKR88 / Flickr

Water, electricity CUT OFF in Sandton – due to suburb’s R158 million debt!

One of the richest suburbs in SA hasn’t paid its municipal bills – and according to City of Joburg officials, Sandton is its worst offender.

Sandton City

A shot of the Sandton skyline, from October 2021 – Photo: RCKR88 / Flickr

Who’d have thought it, hey? Sandton is one of the most luxurious places in the whole of Gauteng – but the district has failed to settle its municipal debts, forcing the City of Johannesburg into drastic action.

Sandton buildings ‘cut off’ over massive municipal debt

Over the past week or so, we’ve seen officials in Tshwane turn the electricity AND water services off at several key institutions. Buildings occupied by SAPS and SARS have been cut off during the drive, which aims to force the biggest offenders in the province to settle their outstanding bills.

On Wednesday, chickens came home to roost in Johannesburg. City officials confirmed that nine buildings – including office parks and municipal venues – will be targeted in Sandton, which owes a staggering R158 million to the metro.

“The City has issued notices of termination of services and the organisations we will be visiting today have been given 14 days to respond with the option to settle the outstanding amount or make arrangements for settlement.”

“Nine uildings will be visited today in the City’s efforts to recover some of the biggest municipal debts. There’s over R38bn in municipal debt that is owed to the City, the biggest debt belonging to Sandton City of R158m.”

City of Joburg statement

City of Johannesburg ‘showing no mercy’

SALA House – home to a municipal pension fund management centre and the Johannesburg Society of Advocates – was the first stop on the recovery tour. A debt of R7.4 million has been racked up in this building.

The Sandown Village Office Park has also been identified as a non-compliant venue, and their owed monies of R600 000 has led to both the electricity and water being shut off on Wednesday morning.

  • The message couldn’t be any clearer from the City of Joburg: Settle your debts, or face the consequences…