Teddy Mafia Hit gangland

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law escapes attempted ‘gangland hit’

A close family member of the late alleged drugs kingpin Teddy Mafia fled for his life on Wednesday, after he was targeted in an apparent hit.

Teddy Mafia Hit gangland

Photo: Twitter

This is wild. Utterly, utterly wild. CCTV has captured the jaw-dropping moment a group of armed gangsters attempted to execute a hit on a member of the Teddy Mafia family in Shallcross, KZN.

Teddy Mafia: Alleged hit on family members caught on camera

Mafia was brutally murdered by his enemies at the start of the year, and the alleged gang boss and drugs kingpin has left behind a mountain of baggage for the… ‘family business’. Despite being dead for over nine months, figures in the criminal underworld are still targeting the relatives of Teddy – whose real name was Yaganathan Pillay.

Here’s what we have had confirmed so far:

  • The victim is understood to be Kesevan Naidoo – the son-in-law of Teddy Mafia.
  • Naidoo has survived the attack, it has been reported, but did suffer bullet wounds to both legs.
  • According to TimesLive, his driver suffered a gunshot wound to the hand, and he also is in a non-fatal condition.
  • The incident took place just after 10:00 on Wednesday.
  • It was initially reported as a ‘drive-by shooting’, but it’s apparent this was an attempted gangland hit.

Watch: Late alleged gangster’s son-in-low survives hit

Video footage of the apparent hit is, for the lack of a better word, insane. As the gang approaches their target, all of them draw their weapons, and it looks like a bloody death is now a formality for the people inside the vehicle.

After the first shot is fired, the driver pulls off some instinctive maneuvers to get out of harm’s way – almost running down one of the suspected hitmen. The car, containing Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law, then speeds away into the distance.

  • You can watch the abject chaos unfold here: