Runaway truck mpumalanga

People were killed and cars were crushed by the runaway truck – Photo: Supplied

WATCH: Two dead as runaway truck ploughs 4km through SA town

Fatalities have been confirmed in Lydenburg, after a runaway truck destroyed everything in its path on Friday afternoon.

Runaway truck mpumalanga

People were killed and cars were crushed by the runaway truck – Photo: Supplied

Horrendous scenes have been witnessed in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga on Friday – after a runaway truck careered through the town centre and claimed ‘at least two lives’. The trail of destruction is thought to be 4km long, according to local media.

Carnage in Lydenburg as truck kills two

The incident took place at 12:45 on 23 September. CCTV footage has captured the moment this out-of-control lorry ploughed through Voortrekker Street, smashing into cars and destroying traffic signs in the process. Sadly, fatalities have been reported at the scene.

Two occupants of a black VW Polo were instantly wiped out by the speeding juggernaut. They entered the traffic circle outside of The Heads Mall at the worst possible moment. Their names are yet to be made public, as police attempt to reach their next of kin.

Runaway truck
The trail of destruction left in Lydenburg reportedly stretches for 4km – Photo: Supplied

Watch: Runaway truck ploughs through Mpumalanga town

The footage itself is a tough and harrowing watch. Moments before the runaway truck can be seen, people are forced to take cover and jump out of the way. Continuing to tear through the street, this HGV makes light work of everything in its path.

  • The aftermath of the destruction looked like something out of a tragic blockbuster film, too:

Runaway truck causes more tragedy on the roads

It has not yet been established how this truck ended up as an unstoppable killing machine on Friday. Although investigators are confident that the brakes did fail, they are yet to offer a solid conclusion for why this happened.

The runaway truck also left several others injured, and at least 10 vehicles have been severely damaged. It comes at a very sensitive time for the haulage industry, following a number of high-profile incidents involving lorries over the past few weeks.