Mitchells Plain

CCTV footage shows the car just moments before it hits the children – Photo: Radio 786 / Facebook

WATCH: Horror as Mitchells Plain driver ‘mows down’ eight kids

A male suspect remains in police custody, after he ploughed through a crowd of children in the streets of Mitchells Plain.

Mitchells Plain

CCTV footage shows the car just moments before it hits the children – Photo: Radio 786 / Facebook

  • Warning: This article contains a graphic video of a driver running over eight children in Mitchells Plain. The subject matter may be distressing for some viewers, and personal discretion is advised…

It’s a video that will send shivers down your spine. An e-hailing driver from Mitchells Plain, Cape Town has been arrested, after he was caught on CCTV ploughing into a crowd of children. At least eight youngsters were caught-up in the carnage.

Mitchells Plain madness: Children mowed down in Cape Town suburb

The driver has not yet been named for legal reasons. It’s understood there was less than 20 minutes between this incident taking place, and the man behind the wheel getting arrested. Some of the kids have suffered serious injuries, whereas others only needed treatment for minor issues.

Nonetheless, the trauma is likely to stay with all of those involved for some time to come. In the footage posted online, the reckless motorist speeds around a corner, mistiming his turn horrendously. The Toyota Etios hits the children, and shamelessly speeds-off.

The victims in Mitchells Plain are understood to be aged between five and 17. Meanwhile, the suspect is currently being processed by the courts, where he faces a charge of reckless or negligent driving. The kids were allegedly practicing a dance routine before they were mowed down.

Mitchells Plain
Another angle captures the moment of terror – Photo: Radio 786 / Facebook

Police confirm charges for reckless taxi driver

André Traut is a local police spokesperson. He was able to confirm a number of details for us in the aftermath of the crash, and law enforcement officials expect that the man in custody will face the full might of the justice system:

“An e-hailing driver aged 27 was arrested on Saturday in Mitchells Plain on a charge of reckless and or negligent driving following a vehicle accident where eight young children, who were pedestrians, were injured in Elephant Street Eastridge.”

“The suspect is expected to make his court appearance in Mitchells Plain on Monday 19 September.” | André Traut

[GRAPHIC WARNING] Watch the moment an e-hailing driver runs over a crowd of kids in Mitchells Plain