Kruger park leopard

The man was seen repeatedly slapping the leopard after its death – Photo: Twitter

Watch: Public FURIOUS after Kruger Park worker filmed ‘slapping leopard’

It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach: A man thought to be employed by Kruger Park has been caught violently assaulting a leopard.

Kruger park leopard

The man was seen repeatedly slapping the leopard after its death – Photo: Twitter

It doesn’t get any dumber or more disrespectful than this. A man thought to be part of Kruger Park’s staff was caught slapping a leopard on camera this week, shortly after it had been euthanised.

Leopard killed after attacking ranger

It came in the wake of an attack on a serving ranger. The victim suffered deep lacerations, but his injuries weren’t life-threatening. However, a decision was taken by KNP officials to put the leopard down, citing the animal as a clear and present danger.

On 17 July, the leopard was captured and subsequently eliminated by teams working in Kruger Park. It’s understood that another attack was reported just weeks ago, and the behaviour exhibited by the creature is extremely unusual.

However, as if this story wasn’t sad enough, some utter trollope decides to go and do this. Video footage taken from the scene shows a man repeatedly slapping the slain feline, as it lays dead on the ground. The violation of the leopard has sickened many South Africans online.

Watch: Kruger Park leopard ‘slapped on camera’

WARNING: This video may be hard to watch for some viewers, and we advise individuals to exercise their discretion…

Kruger Park accused of ‘shady behaviour’ over viral video

SANParks now find themselves in the eye of a storm. They are under pressure to identify the individual and take the necessary disciplinary steps. We are awaiting a new statement from the organisation, to confirm further details about the heinous conduct displayed by one of their employees.

It’s believed that a previous statement on the matter had been issued, but was then swiftly retracted for unknown reasons.

The activists at XposeTrophyKilling are incandescent with the whole fiasco, and they have gone so far as to accuse Kruger Park of trying to orchestrate a ‘cover-up’.