Diepsloot Joburg fence

Photo: Twitter

Joburg community builds FENCE around itself – to keep out crooks!

How bad do things have to get before this happens? People in this turbulent part of Joburg have now ‘gated themselves in’.

Diepsloot Joburg fence

Photo: Twitter

Desperate times call for desperate measures, don’t they? A community in Joburg has elected to put up a fence at one of its main entrances, in an outlandish bid to prevent crooks from entering their neighbourhood. The people of Diepsloot are beyond gatvol with local crime rates.

Diepsloot protests – latest news and updates from Joburg

On Wednesday, scores of protesters marched through the streets of Diepsloot. There is a deep, genuine anger shared amongst law-abiding citizens. Many live in fear, as police struggle to maintain the peace in this part of Gauteng.

A list of demands has been handed over to Joburg SAPS officials. What difference this will make, however, remains to be seen. One of the requests calls for the deployment of the police’s most feared tactical units. The Amabherethe are only ever sent out in the most extreme circumstances.

Diepsloot Joburg
Diepsloot is one of Joburg’s most notorious crime hot-spots – Photo: Flickr / Ericsson Design

Problems run ‘Diep’ in this Joburg community

However, if you ask anyone on that march today, they’ll tell you that the time for concomitant action is NOW. Tensions run rife through the community, as concerns about joblessness, rampant criminality, and uncontrolled immigration remain prevalent.

Everson Luhanga, a local reporter for Scrolla, attended the demonstration on Wednesday. Once the memorandum was handed over, that anti-migrant sentiment reigned supreme. He confirmed that some residents purposefully ‘burnt down structures’ belonging to Zimbabwean nationals.

“Soon after handing over their memorandum to Joburg Police Management, Diepsloot residents went on to destroy and burn down church structures used mostly by Zimbabwean nationals in an open veld. No structure was spared.” | Everson Luhanga

LOOK: Diepsloot builds a FENCE to ward-off criminals

Whatever the answer is to quell crime and disharmony in Diepsloot, few would guess that a flagship Donald Trump policy would inspire these residents. After all, ‘building a wall to keep out undesirables’ didn’t exactly work the way this former US President wanted it to.

Alas, when you’ve exhausted every other avenue, you’ll try anything to keep you and yours safe. The Diepsloot Gate, which essentially ‘fences in’ locals living inside this Joburg settlement, is one of the very few crime prevention methods available to the people.

It’s just unbearably sad that things have got to this point: