eMhlathuze EFF councillor Richards Bay

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Fists fly as EFF member punches rival in council meeting

Things are tense in Mzansi: After eMhlathuze became the latest municipality to ditch the ANC, an EFF councillor landed a knock-out blow.

eMhlathuze EFF councillor Richards Bay

Photo: Twitter

The bad blood between the political parties of South Africa continues to run cold on Tuesday, after an EFF councillor landed two punches on a rival in eMhlathuze. The Richards Bay Municipality descended into chaos earlier this morning, after the IFP saw their candidate elected as mayor.

Royal Rumble in Richards Bay

The scenes in eMhlathuze Council were far from pretty. The video shared online shows the EFF councillor delivering a volley of blows, but failing to floor his resilient target. The puncher is then restrained by others.

Mayor Donda of the IFP, and Deputy Mayor Ngubane of the EFF, will now form the leadership team that aims to restore Richards Bay to its former glory – but, as we can see from this footage, the next five years may not be all that friendly…

Watch: eMhalthuze EFF councillor punches rival politician

Richards Bay, KZN rocked by IFP ‘double-cross’

The dramatic u-turn performed by the IFP on Monday – where they collapsed their voting agreement with the ANC and instead supported other parties – has had a seismic impact on the political landscape. KZN was on course to remain a stronghold for the ruling party, but they are losing municipal control across the province.

Several hung districts, including Newcastle, went to the IFP rather than the ANC. In eThekwini, it looks like something similar will happen, with Nicole Graham – the DA candidate for mayor – in pole position to assume control of Durban. The shock forecast is also fuelled by the EFF and ActionSA, who have decided to freeze out the ANC at all costs.

This coalition story is far from being a fairytale, and that’s not just the case for the ANC. There is an uneasy peace between the parties in partnerships, as most metros and municipalities rest on fragile agreements or minority governments. Indeed, whether they are winning or losing, it seems some councillors are still very upset.