Facebook Marketplace Cape Town restaurant hijacking

Ben Tuzee died while protecting his niece from hijackers in Philippi – Image: Facebook.

SAPS issue Facebook Marketplace warning, following grisly murder

People are being warned about the dangers of using Facebook Marketplace, after a beloved business owner was savagely killed.

Facebook Marketplace Cape Town restaurant hijacking

Ben Tuzee died while protecting his niece from hijackers in Philippi – Image: Facebook.

The co-owner of a popular restaurant in the Cape Town Municipality was horrifically murdered last week, after he travelled to Philippi to deliver a TV he sold on Facebook Marketplace. The incident has prompted SAPS to issue a warning to sellers using the domain.

Cape Town restaurant hijacking
Dixies is situated in the Cape Peninsula, and it’s a popular spot for locals and out-of-towners alike – Photo: Dixie’s Restaurant

Three arrested for murder of Dixie’s owner

On Tuesday, detectives confirmed that they had arrested three suspects for the murder of Ben Tuzee. The 51-year-old, who ran Dixie’s Bar and Restaurant in Simon’s Town, was targeted in a vicious hijacking. One of those detained is only aged 16.

“Nyanga detectives assigned to Ben Tuzee’s murder, the victim who was lured to Browns Farm after a television set was advertised on a social media platform last Tuesday (2022-09-06) arrested three suspects yesterday in connection with his murder.”

“The thorough investigation into the circumstances of this violent crime led detectives to the three suspects aged 23, 18 and 16, who are due to make a court appearance in Athlone once they have been charged with murder and hijacking.” | SAPS statement

Facebook Marketplace murder sparks outrage

After selling a TV on Facebook Marketplace, Mr. Tuzee went to deliver the item on Tuesday 6 September. However, the thriving business owner ended up in the wrong neighbourhood. Subsequently, he was attacked by an opportunistic thug – while still in possession of the television set.

The victim was stabbed multiple times. His niece was also in the car, and although she was hit by a rock, she managed to survive the ordeal. It’s understood Ben briefly fought-off the hijacking suspects, despite his many injuries, sparing the younger girl’s life in the process.

SAPS issue warning to South Africans using Facebook Marketplace

SAPS have now made it implicitly clear that there are real dangers when it comes to using Facebook Marketplace. For those continuing to use the service, the law enforcement agency wants ‘extreme caution’ to be exercised at all times…

“We have reason to believe that criminals use their interest in an advertised item on social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace as a decoy to perpetrate a robbery or other serious and violent crime, by luring their victim to come to them.”

“Citizens must avoid making a delivery to an area that is unfamiliar to them, especially one with higher levels of crime. This modus operandi must be avoided by rather meeting the potential buyer at a public place which is regarded safe and familiar to the seller.” | SAPS statement