Violent Protests

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Violent protests: Nine people killed, four officers injured, 489 arrested

Police said nine people had been killed while four police officers have been injured in the violent protests in the country.

Violent Protests

Photo: Twitter

Nine people have been killed, four police officers injured, and 489 people have been arrested in the violent protests in the country.


NatJOINTS spokesperson, Colonel Brenda Muridili said on Tuesday morning that the continuation of the sporadic violent protests throughout the day and night has increased the number of fatalities, with three in KwaZulu-Natal and six in Gauteng.

“Four police officers who were injured while responding to these violent protests are recovering well.”

She further said that as of the evening of 12 July at 20:00, a total of 489 people have been arrested.

“In KwaZulu-Natal 166 people arrested and 323 in Gauteng.”

Muridili said the deployment has been intensified across hotspots in both provinces.

“We have intensified deployments in all the affected areas in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and these will be augmented by the SAPS’s measures being put in place to call up operational members from leave and rest-days to increase the presence of law enforcement personnel on the ground.”

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President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on Monday evening.

Ramaphosa told South Africans ‘the army will be sent in’ to quell the violent riots that have gripped both KZN and Gauteng, in the aftermath of Jacob Zuma’s incarceration.

“The SANDF deployment will take place this week, and it is hoped that our collection of soldiers can help restore law and order to each region.”

He warned the nation that ‘food and medicine shortages’ could be caused by these riots.

Ramaphosa slammed those who ‘instigated chaos’.

On Monday Durban residents came out in their numbers to fight back against rioters in support of the police and security companies at the frontline of a devastated and burning city.

A series of videos posted online earlier today show various communities arming themselves up, protecting stores and businesses from the swathes of looters.

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This comes after Mayhem erupted last week, shortly after Jacob Zuma was taken to jail. Protests became large-scale riots, and over the past 48 hours or so, looters have decided to target shops and destroy various properties. SAPS has been overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the violence

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