UK tourists travel warning South Africa

Numbi Gate has become a no-go zone for tourists – Photo: Richard Vetch / Flickr

US issues new TRAVEL WARNING for citizens visiting South Africa

The US Embassy has issued a travel warning for Americans, regarding an infamous stretch of road going towards Kruger National Park.

UK tourists travel warning South Africa

Numbi Gate has become a no-go zone for tourists – Photo: Richard Vetch / Flickr

An attack on four tourists at Kruger National Park last week appears to have spooked a number of international authorities. In a travel warning issued on Wednesday, a regional US Embassy has told Americans to avoid the Numbi Gate region of Mpumalanga.

The stern advisory tells US travellers to ‘seek alternative routes’ into KNP. Earlier today, we reported that the government is considering ‘the closure’ of Numbi Gate, due to a spike in criminal activity. A failed carjacking earlier this month resulted in the death of a German tourist.

Tourist hot-spot crime
The attempted hijacking took place on Numbi Road, Mpumalanga. Image: SAPS

US issues new travel warning for South Africa

Despite the ANC’s best attempts to reassure our tourism-friendly nations, the Yanks aren’t taking any chances. In the recently-posted message, the US Embassy directly blames ‘a rise in crime at Numbi Gate’ for issuing this updated travel warning

  • All visitors from the US are being asked to ‘talk to their accommodation providers’ about their selected road and travel routes.
  • Citizens have been advised to instead use Paul Kruger or Phabeni Gate to enter Kruger National Park.
  • Americans have also been warned about ‘large gatherings or protests’, saying they must exercise caution.
  • Visitors are encourage to make a personal security plan, and monitor local media sites for updates.
  • In the wake of a recent murder, the Embassy has stressed the need for people to remain ‘situationally aware’.

“Due to an increase in crime, to include the recent murder of a foreign tourist, the U.S. Missions South Africa recommend that Numbi Gate at Kruger National Park be avoided. U.S. citizens are advised to use other gates in the area (Paul Kruger and Phabeni).”

“Please remember to be situationally aware when traveling and make stops at designated areas, such as garages, and service stations. Be mindful that protests and road closures are frequent in the area. If you encounter issues, contact the police or your lodge.” | US Embassy

Is it safe to visit South Africa?

Although murder rates for tourists remain relatively low, the Numbi Gate incident sets a dangerous precedent. That’s why officials are scrambling to ensure the safety of all travellers visiting KNP – and all options remain on the table.

The deadly carjacking in Mpumalanga made international headlines, and called into question the safety of foreigners choosing to holiday in South Africa. Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu believes the route itself is the problem, and says it could now be ‘closed off’.